8 September 2006

akibat boss malas..

i know... sorry.. didnt blog for some time.. my brains also stale dy.... sorry i didnt finish the previous story and potong-ed your stim... boss say kenot mar... wan me kena fired meh.. if who wan me get fired and hire me for RM5,000.00 a month then ok la.. other than that.. sorry naik lorry ok..

but i tell you one thing la.... *put on her kaypoh mole*

this one ar..... impromptu geh... boss dunno ... he today in the office.. tiba tiba balik early... i think he got period ler.. every month this time around ku jiao lau huek....

That day... i was lepaking in the office.. kononnye pretend to work la... then my colleague lin peh kena marah boss ma... err... cos ... that day lin peh bring sexy clients back never intro to my boss.. so you can imagine the scene will be 2 cows drooling and yam chung at the client la.. .. see also menyampah.. .. got see people offer the client sit long long and keep offering beverages to drink or not? wanna see come my offit.

so now.. boss.. fatt pei hei dy la.. .. so ask lin peh wash toilet woh... so .. after wash finish dy.. lin peh come talk to me loh...

Me : weh you damn smelly la weh....
Lin Peh : wash toilet larrr...
Me : Har.. this week your turn ar...
Lin Peh : abuthen???
Me : Tai sei... both of you use toilet dy spray like no one's business.. is tai sei geh...
Lin Peh : benci betul the babi boss..
Me : Tai sei also .. who ask you not to intro the sexy client to him?? he nearly tfk in office dy
Lin Peh : aiyah... no point la.. you know ah.. our boss like to suck and gigit nipples geh..
Me : harrrrr *mata berair**takut*
Lin Peh : Yes gehh... you dunno oni .. that day i got one kwai po client.. already intro to him la.. cos he said he have not tried kwai po before la...
Me : har.... then then...
Lin Peh : He said the kwai po very chun la.. damn big breast and all lor..
Me : So ??? they pok yea meh???
Lin Peh : no loh... chey ... why u wan know wo.. so pat kua
Me : tiu.. tell story tell whole story ma..
Lin Peh : nah u dont tell si tau por or boss ar.. if not both of us yat wok sook..
Me : ha nah.. ha nah.. quick la..

*whisper whisper whisper*




  1. wakakakaka... another Lao Hiao ah?

  2. Anonymous12:17 am

    wuahahaha...why boss suddenly so thin ledi geh??

    Baik mia stoli shireen.

  3. kenny:usual la.. boss ma.. old fler. ...

    aceone: my boss ar.. err.. dunno.. *shy .. thanks yous..

  4. LOL..Bite until da teeth aso out from da mouth.. Da kwai poh really stim ar..

    LinPeh said cannot tell bos or si tau por. But u tell us only ma..LinPeh cannot scold u lo..

  5. always take out teeth first before sucking mah!

  6. Anonymous11:43 am

    not sien meh
    everyday sex f**k s**k?

  7. Anonymous1:18 pm

    Kwai po got nipple piercing mah, boss mia gigi stuck there loh. This one tai sei oso. LoL...

  8. boss so old ledi kar??? LOL

  9. i think the tektek fake one lah. maybe made of some gooey thing, dat's why flase teeth pun stuck there liao. LOL

  10. young brat: yah lo.. damn smart la u..

    wuching: yah ler... my boss also not smart geh..

    anon: i think if i got sex everyday.... i wont sien ge lohhh

    bryan: got or not also tai 9 hui sei geh..

    ahnel: abuthen?

  11. nyonya: i dunno lar.. that one i have to ask my boss 1st.. but it's suppose to be a secret...

  12. this post tak laku..


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