11 September 2006

Cocka the Young Sailor

This is not known to most of you guys but Cocka used to be a sailor in his younger days (no, im not saying that hes old now ... its just that he used to be younger ... erm .. nvm dat ) That time he just come out from Form five and he sampat goan stand in the queue bcoz he saw lotsa ppl queing up. Thats how he ended up as a sailor.

That time hes young blood and extremely horny but bcoz of he signed up as a sailor he gotta leave his gf at home and go sailing.

On the ship he gets to know an old sailor by the name of Ahpek and they became frends. After a few days on the ship Cocka couldnt take it any longer. He cant tahan 1 more minutes without sex! As such he got no choice but to ask Ahpek how he managed to sail all these years and not having any urge to have sex at all.

Cocka : Ahpek ... how come you so steady wan ar? how can you tahan without sex for so long?
Ahpek : heh heh heh .... I know you will crack sooner or later ... listen sailor! There is this big wooden barrel in the cabin 101 with a hole onnit. The barrel is all yours tonite from 2300 till 0200 sonny.
Cocka : Barrel? u mean use the barrel and .....
Ahpek : Mahai dun tell me u derno how to fark ok? Fark like u normally fark la! trust me, you will like it!

Cocka are kinda reluctant to do what Ahpek told him to but a young blood like him got no choice but to try it out himself la ... i mean he gotta release it somewhere right anot?

The first few minutes he dun feel very comfy but after that he felt it is as good as the real thing and he really enjoyed himself that nite!

The next day Cocka wakes up early in the morning to look for Ahpek .....

Cocka : Good morning Ahpek .... the barrel is good, you think i could have another go with the barrel today?
Ahpek : Yep! like yesday, your time slot is from 2300 till 0200
Cocka : What about the day after tomlo? Can i use the barrel too?
Ahpek : Look sailor! ... you can use the barrel from 2300 to 0200 everyday, except wednesday.
Cocka : Why not Wednesday?
Ahpek : Bcoz Wednesday is your turn inside the barrel!!!

AND! that is why Cocka never had constipation problem anymore!!!



  1. LOL..Jus as I tot..
    There must be someone inside the barrel.

  2. & thats how ah pek & cocka were forced by circumstances to become gay!

  3. Muahahhaa...back-side n front-side is same meh??

  4. I know something like this bound to happen...

  5. cocka so small size till can fit in barrel mer???his misai ledi took half of the barrel... LOL

  6. Wat day is Ah Pek's turn?

  7. Anonymous11:56 am

    very funny. wingz must have the same experience before

  8. Anonymous2:18 pm

    wuaahahahahaha.....laugh till chau kan. Poor kokokai!!!

  9. waduh.... such an experience for newbies.... lol...

  10. Niamah fulat, Wingz! Laugh at my expense again ar?
    Ok, Ok...I'll taroh you in my jokes from now on liao.

  11. wakakakakaka!!! Like that also can ah? All sailor also same ah?

  12. you great joker...hahahaha


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