1 September 2006

Ahnel The Miracle Lokter

Holiday makes ppl lazier!!!! I slept whole blardee day!!!

From the Far Away land there in the remote part of Sarawak there is this miracle lokter call Ahnel . This lokter can cure majiam majiam dieseases therefore his name very the fehmes till KL here.

One day got some very kind hearted peeple invited him to come KL here to cure the ppl here la, kinda like a tour lar ..... they will spend a few days at each of the major town the travel to the next one and so on.

Come one day they stop at PeeDee, as usual when peeple heard Ahnel is kambing the Queue will be at least 2-3 kilometers one this time also no exception. My frend Ahpek also erly erly goan Q up ledi in hope that he could get his "problem" cured also la.

Ahpek kira lucky that day bcoz his position is consider quite front also in the Q, after 2 hours of waiting finally its his turn to go in liow.

Before Ahpek walks into the room he was briefed by one of Ahnel assistant :

Assistant : Uncle har ... i tell you what to do when you saw Lokter Ahnel ok?
Ahpek : ok tenkiu
Assistant : Very easy only ... the lokter will not have time to ask you what is wrong with you, so what you gotta do is to put your hand on the part of your body you want him to cure and leave the rest to him ok?
Ahpek : Yes i understand tenkiu ...

Ahpek then step into Lokter Ahnel room with his hand on his groin and closed the door behind him.

Ahnel : Uncle ... what is wrong which "that" part har?
Ahpek : errr .. i embarassed to say la lokter .... u take a look yourself can ar?
Ahnel : ok ok come lemme see ....
Ahpek : *Chuifu* Nah! see ....
Ahnel : AIYAH!!! uncle! I can heal diseases only la!!! Not raise the DEAD!!!



  1. Anonymous2:10 am

    This is funny, indeed! Come up with more, please!

  2. Wakakakaka... another KKC joke! Laugh kao sei me.

  3. shhh...y u post it???

    i deal with ah pek ledi dont sue my conpini as my miracle kenot cure his problem...lol

  4. Anonymous11:58 am

    wakakaka...ahnel kenot cure then hor find some piao mei for ahpek sure can wan.

  5. hahaha... this is so funny!

    at 1st i din understand the language then i "relaxed" myself then i understand liao.

    haha~ gd laugh. i linked u up! Hope u don mind :D

  6. send Cav over lar...see lokter can tik how to cook or not ? mana tau, come back can cook all sorts of medicine

  7. maybe ah pek respond to thaikok mia cure only. ;)

  8. What Ah Pek need is a crane and chain hoist, la!

  9. raise dead?
    ah pek mati pucuk kar?

  10. hahahah nice one..

    i must go find ah nel for my sickness also lo..

  11. Wakakakakaka....u funny


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