13 September 2006

Climbing The Ladder to Success

One day Cocka, during his younger days ( and again, this is not an indication of how old my buddy is *again*! ) saw a ladder, a very long/tall ladder leading straight up to the sky.

Being a kepoh himself he started climbing the ladders .... climb climb climb .... climb climb climb

After he passed the first cloud suddenly got one fat angmoh charboh waiting for him there, then that charboh say to him lidis :

Fat Angmoh Charboh : Have Sex with me or climb the ladder to success

Cocka look see look see ledi he decided to climb the ladder to success. there he goes climbing and climbing and climbing till he got into the second cloud .... in the second cloud also got one angmoh charboh ... this one better looking than the first one, got better body too! nen nen also bigger!! Then this charboh said to Cocka .........

Prettier Angmoh charboh with bigger nen nen : make lafu to me or climb the ladder to success

Cocka think to himself "wuah kanasai! if i go higher sure the charboh more sui wan!!!" with this Cocka keep climbing and climbing and climbing again.

He reached the third cloud and sure enuff the angmoh charboh is the more chun than the first 2 he met. she got even bigger and firmer nen nen too!

Then again this charboh also said the same thing the two other charbohs said

Firm nen nen angmoh charboh : Have sex with me or climb the ladder to success.

"Wow! the charbos is getting better everytime I climb higher!" he thot, so he decided to climb higher ....

He climb and climb and climb and climb ..... At the forth cloud he met one angmoh charbohs that looks like Miss China town Malaysia wan!!! this one is the only brunette with big firm nen nen and a body to kill for!! Then she said to Cocka ....

Miss China Town Malaysia look alike : have sex with me or climb the ladder to success

Cocka was alredi having erection ledi .... he think and think and think tempted to take on the offer but his instint told him to climb sommo! He thot long and "hard" and finally he decided that having a brighter future is better than a few good shag, so he told the angmoh charbo ...

Cocka : you are sure pretty and i would really love to shag you but i rather climb to success, soli!

He then climb and climb and climb .... in no time he arrived at the fifth cloud, he looked around and this time there is no pretty charbos .... no nen nens ... only got one fat ahkua sitting there doing his nails and makeup. That Ahkua saw Cocka fast fast get up and jump towards Cocka grabbing him tight tight!

Cocka paniced ....

Cocka : WTF are you doing wei??!!!!
Ahkua : You must be Cocka ... i have been waiting for you .....
Cocka : WHAT?? waiting for me??!!!! WHO ARE YOU??!!
Ahkua : Well sweety ... My name is Cess!!!

Addon : erm ... it seems like not many peeple get this joke so, i m gonna give some hint here .... Suc-cess gedit ? no? diuu!!! ok la ok la its Suck cess la!!! Cocka thot its success but the angmohs actually mean climd this ladder to suck cess!!! CESS is the name of the Ahkua la!!!! DIUU!!!!



  1. Anonymous3:47 am

    you taruh all the ang moh on your way up ma ... but yalo, you taruh liao - how to climb up, hahahaha

  2. Wakakaka... is it Stairway to Heaven? Anyway... wat is the meaning of Cess???

  3. LOL..So can lemme know where can find this 'Ladder of Success' ar?! No worry la..I wun be so greedy. I'll stop at cloud 3

  4. Haha ..this joke really get me laughing loud.

    On serious notes this story tells us accept what goes along our way

  5. sigh.. i hang on this :"Ahkua : Well sweety ... I m Cess!!! " dont understand the joke at the end....! any1 care to tell me?

  6. Anonymous9:16 am

    what is cess? can somebody explain to me?

  7. hehehe..terror lah!

  8. Anonymous10:14 am

    so after cocka got suck that cess onot?

  9. why he no press the nen nen b4 klimbing further up??? :D

  10. Makai... like this also can...

  11. Anonymous11:56 am

    wuahahaha..kokokai kena again!! I would stop at cloud 4 - Miss Chinatown Malaysia look alike. hehehe.

  12. HAHAHHA i have to read 2 times to understand teh CESS


  13. You farkers damn slow at catching the joke ah? tiu....ask ah pek for guidance lah.

    Chipet Wingz, I gotta ask for royalties ledi....always use my name.

    In actual fact, I stopped at the first angmoh ledi. I not greedy wan.

  14. earlku : yala taroh ledi kaki lenguh mannnn

    kenny ng: alamak! u also dint get the joke ar? CESS is the name of the ahkua lerrrr

    youngbrat : that one u kena ask cocka lol

    9393 : wuah u terror ok?! u get the joke!

    patrick : CEss is the name of the ahkua and all da while cocka is climbing the ladder to Suck cess!!! kakakaka

    ricadoe : erm .. ok i got tired of explaining ... i put addon in the article ledi ... goan read

    wuching : u sure u get the punchline anot??!!!

    ahpek : if cocka dont suck cess also cess will suck him la lol!!!

    ahnel : press ledi kaki lenguh how to climb? lol

    inevitable : why knot laaa

    ace : i lagi terror ... every cloud also i tahpau back home lol!

    lmf : at least u get the punchline mahhh

    cocka : makai last time u say i can use your name wan worr!!!

  15. Anonymous2:21 pm

    not Sue Cess or something?

  16. Anonymous2:22 pm

    ohhhhhhhhhh now i get it. hehehe
    suck Cess ;P
    ahahah ... i is slow today, sorry!

  17. Anonymous2:30 pm

    Laugh until fu lat! LoL...

  18. LOLOLOL!!

    Cocka, 1st one?!! sure or not??!! dun lie la.. :P


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