29 September 2006

The War in Iraq - An Exclusive Interview

Disclaimer : This story might deemed to be sensitive by some people. Please be rest assured that this is only a fiction made up by me. It have nothing watsoever to do with any person whether alive, hald alive, half dead, look dead but alive nor dead. If there is really such a person then its is purely coincidental. Tenkiu.

The War in Iraq really changed alot of things there, In a TV interbiu with SEEaNaN this war journalist in Iraq Linpeh says, This war actually changed the whole community system in the country.

Linpeh : I was in Iraq doing a documentary in the year 2000, back then en have a very high status in the society and women will hafta lowered themselves in front of them. I still remmebered there is this one time when i was walking on the street and I saw this couple, the man is walking in front and the woman ... well shes about 20 feet behind the man and from what i had been told this is the way of life for them. woman are not allowed to walk together with their husband and must therefore follow behind them from a distance.

SEEaNaN : Compares that to today, what seems to be changed?

Linpeh : I just came back from Iraq 2 days ago, I can see dramatic changes in the social behaviour of the people in general, especially in the status of women in Iraq. Women are now allow to walk together with their husband, better still most women are now allowed to walk in front of the husband while the husband follows his wife 20 feet from behind.

SEEaNaN : Wow! What do you think happened that enabled women there to achieve this marvellous reversal of roles? This is such a huge transformation in the social behaviour!

Linpeh : I was as suprised as you are in the beginning but after I interviewed several community leaders in Iraq particularly in Baghdad I then found out what seems to triggered the sudden role reversal phenomenon in Iraq ..... its rather simple really ....

SEEaNaN : Oh really?! what might that be?

Linpeh : Landmines!!!



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    u man kiasu kiasee

  2. LOL... that 1 if they have more than a wife will be more safe.


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