4 September 2006

Remember The Crocodile Hunter from Ozzie?

Those who love Animal Planet (channel 51 on Astro) will definiely love this guy, nicknamed Crocodile Hunter, he is Steve Irwin from Australia. My Kid and I admired him long long ledi .... he got balls ... he wrestle with crocs and venomous snakes and dangerous animals etc etc.

I salute him for the stuffs he made me understand and his contributions to mankind and to the kingdom of misunderstood animals.

Steve Irwin We Love You! May you rest in peace!

Crocodile hunter Irwin killed by stingray
Taken from NZ Herald, CNN and BBC
5.23pm Monday September 4, 2006

UPDATE - Crocodile Hunter and environmentalist Steve Irwin has been killed in an accident in north Queensland.

State government sources say Irwin, 44, was killed by a stingray barb that went through his chest.

He was apparently filming an underwater documentary off the Low Isles, near Port Douglas.

The Queensland Ambulance Service issued a statement saying a it received a call about 11am (1pm NZT).

It dispatched a helicopter to a boat near Batt Reef off the coast near Cairns with a doctor and emergency services paramedic.

Mr Irwin had a puncture wound to the left side of his chest and he was pronounced dead at the scene.

It is understood his body is being flown to Cairns.

Irwin, who dressed in khakis, worked with his American-born wife Terri, and children Bindi and Bob, to make programmes, often using his catchcry "Crickey" when confronted with a dangerous animal.

Crocodile Hunter was first broadcast in 1992.

Sky News Australia reported that Mr Irwin's wife Terri is trekking on Cradle Mountain in Tasmania and may not yet know of her husband's death.

Irwin was hugely popular and, at times, controversial.

He triggered outrage in 2004 when he held his one-month-old baby Bob in one arm while feeding a snapping crocodile during a show at his zoo.

The incident made worldwide headlines.

He was investigated but cleared in 2004 by the Australian government's environment department after complaints he breached laws forbidding interaction with Antarctic animals such as whales, seals and penguins last year.

Irwin was filmed in the Antarctic taking a dip with two giant humpback whales, playing around with penguins and lounging with leopard seals. He denied riding a whale, saying he was just "bobbing around" in the water when the whales came up to him.

But this year he was picked as the face of an Australian Made campaign to boost Australian exports, causing some critics to grumble that his blond, brash image was at odds with modern Australia.

Born in 1962, Irwin picked up his fascination with reptiles from his father, Bob, who had opened a small reptile park on the Sunshine Coast in the 1970s.

Irwin took over the family business in 1991 and grew it into Australia Zoo

Croc Hunter .... You will be deeply missed .... May God Bless his Soul .....


  1. i enjoyed his shows very much.
    my condolences to steve's family.

  2. Anonymous2:55 pm

    He was a brave man and I like his shows too. Deepest condolences to his family.

  3. his show da best i can say...my deep deep condolence to Steve and his family...

  4. Anonymous3:48 pm

    Poor bugga... I never once thought he'd die this way. It's proven... stingrays are more dangerous than crocs.

  5. Anonymous3:51 pm


    condolences to his family...and all the cros he rescue

  6. Is that true? Last year I heard a rumous of his dead. I hope is another rumous. He's my hero.

    Anyway... my deep condolence to Steve's family.

  7. :( No way !!
    This is shocking.. :(
    I was reading half hoping it would be one of Rojaks' jokes....

  8. everyone in my workplace was talking bout it today.

    deepest condolences to his family.

  9. i'll always remember him...unforgetable OZ accent "Come On,mate"

  10. i'd like to take this news as another dumb rumour like the last one on him getting eaten alive while handling a croc but unfortunately i cant. i love watching how he handle animals (especially snakes) and his shows was always an eye-opener to me. i guess his wife Terri's already prepared to receive the news of his untimely death since his profession is very life threatening.

    my condolences to the Irwin family. may Steve "The One and Only Crocodile Hunter" Irvin rest in peace in the kingdom of heaven.

  11. GOSH...I heard he was dead...sometimes back...I WAS SHOCKED today to see it at the news AGAIN....


  12. Anonymous9:27 pm

    Didn't know stingray actually kills.

    One word : Sad. :(

  13. I didn't know your idol is crocodileman. I thought sharkman...

  14. wow! I dont know it is such a big thing in Msia. In Aus..it is shows everywhere. Channel 9, 7, Ten.. everywhere. Tmr more cover from Cairn. *sob sob*
    R.I.P Stever Irwin.

  15. Anonymous11:25 pm

    I always thought, "Man... this guy is going to get killed one day!" It's amazing how shocking and heart wrenching it is now that it has happened. At least he went quick and doing what he loved!

    Many condolences sent to his family...

  16. Wingz...we finally meet again in the blogsphere...glad to note that you are still kicking. Yes may the `force' be with crocodile hunter.
    Btw, I still like your sexy hairstyle..where you cut your hair ah? kekekkeke...

  17. we should go and eat all the goddamn stingrays!


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