27 September 2006

Latest Innovation In Dating Services

Well, breaking up a relationship used to be not a very easy/pleasant things to do, but thanks to a company in Germany now its as easy as paying your bills, in Euro that is.

Imagine this, someone knocked on your door and when you opened the door this guy telling u straight in your face

"Your gf dunwan you ledi la! Have a nice day! tenkiu!" or "Good morning sir, You gf thinks your kkc too short and you cum too fast she wanna dump you ledi, so long sucker!"

That would sucks wouldnt it? Geez ... what kinda place this world is turning into? Break up also no balls to do it yourself! Sommo gotta pay some 50 yrs old fart to do it for you! Wat Da Fark!!!

Human is definitely becoming more and more useless ledi ....

Agency makes breaking up easier
Source : BBC

A German businessman has set up a "separation agency" - a service to inform unsuspecting spouses and lovers their partners no longer want them.

Bernd Dressler will deliver the bad news - for those too scared to do it themselves - for 20 euros (£13) by phone, or for 50 euros (£33) in person.

The efficiency and directness of Mr Dressler's manner has earned him the nickname The Terminator.

The 52-year-old compares his company to a dating agency but "in reverse".

'Only the messenger'

"We have had dating agencies for 30 years. If you want to have a new partnership then you have to quit your previous one.

"I think it's the same market - just in reverse," Mr Dressler told the BBC.

The message can be delivered in a "sympathetic or direct manner". Mr Dressler said that most of his clients do not want any further contact with their ex-partner.

The client is asked to provide three reasons why they want to terminate the relationship - these are then passed on by the agency to the former lover.

"The time is right for this service. Many clients are unhappy in their partnerships and they want to end it in a neutral way," Mr Dressler said.

The former insurance manager said he has been fortunate never to have witnessed any extreme emotional reactions.

"I am only the messenger," he said.


  1. Anonymous2:14 pm

    Hah? Liddat also can?

  2. macam macam service oso got now, really no eye see. I personaly feel it's no human being n doesn't make sense at all.

  3. omg....i say what kind of new service they can come up with..really macam macam ada..

    relationship feel like a joke now

  4. o-<-<
    isn't that irresponsible ? You started the relationship should at least have the courtesy to end it in person maaa...

  5. good business idea! can open shop in bolehland oso!

  6. omg....Pak toh and break up also got service liao ah!! This reminded of a case of malay couple divorce thru a SMS Legally!! but law change after that case..LOL! Funny right nowadays.

  7. Anonymous12:02 am

    Har? I has not even started dating!!


  8. Anonymous12:37 am

    lol ... nabeh

  9. i saw that kind of service on a korean movie. watch "Sad Movie" (yeah, that's the title) that's Cha Taehyun's character's business.
    just fyi.. ^__^


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