27 September 2006

Ahbeng the Hopeless Romantic

Ahbeng is hopeless when comes to being romantic, but there is this girl he wanna tackle her name is Ahlian.

One day Ahbeng gathered all his courage and asked Ahlian out, to his suprise Ahlian agreed to go out on a date with him. The date is set and Ahbeng is trying to learn everything he can about being romantic (kinda like a romantic mia crash course la!)

Ahbeng is very the nervous and Sexcited at the same time, he dun wanna screw up the evening so he asked his best frend AhChan for advice.

Ahbeng : oi AhChan, pulez teach me how toi be romantic to a girl during dinner la ... i really like this girl and really want her to be my girlpren leh.
AhChan : aiyoooo ... being lohmantik difficult to teach one la! Either you have it in your blood or you dont have it at all ... knot teach wan leh!
Ahbeng : Knot lidis frend, you must help me lidis! Pulez pulez pulez ..... if kautim ledi I blanja lu Lobsters at Eden ok anot?!
AhChan : Wuah Lobster ka? erm ... ok la ok la ... since you do not have it in your blood to be romantik .... i give u this easy guide la, you go to the restaurant and observes what other couple do and you follow la!
Ahbeng : You sure that will work?
AhChan : Sure la! other men also go there be lohmantik only mah rite?
Ahbeng : yahor! Thanks wei! i know what to do liow!

The day came and Ahbeng goan pick up Ahlian and they both together-gether go into the restaurant. They ordered their food and while they wait for their food to be serve Ahbeng starts to look around, observes and learn.

The table next to him also got one fler tackling his girl, so Ahbeng observed carefully ....

The man on the next table lift up a sugar shaker, move towards his girl's cuppa coffee and said

"Do you want some sugar, Sugar?" The girl hear ledi very lumm .....

Ahbeng thot "hey this is easy! I bet it will work on Ahlian too!" buden before he could finish he saw another couple on the opposite table, the guy is taking a spoon of honey out of the jar and offered it to his girl and said

"Do you want some honey, Honey?" again the girl on the opposite table also very lum

"BINGO!" thot Ahbeng, he knew what to do liow! so he sit there and wait for the food to come before he could use that trick.

A few minutes later their food arrived, and Ahbeng dont wanna waste anytime .... he straight away cut a piece of his meat and offered it to Ahlian while he confidently said to Ahlian

"Do you want a piece of my Porkchop, PORKCHOP?!!"



  1. how kam the sugar seem like got flies on it eh?

  2. how kam the sugar seem like got flies on it eh?

  3. hahaha.... ah lian so big size ah?

  4. Hehehehe this Ah Beng really don't have it in his blood leh..

  5. pity this Ah Beng... always kena majiam majiam story... LOL

  6. Anonymous11:10 am

    Say in Cantonese lagi syiok. LoL...

  7. Anonymous11:35 am

    ah beng is really hopeless.
    thats the worst thing you can say to your date.

  8. then ah lian said; yes ah beng, i love to eat ur porkchop!

  9. what if ah beng is eating chicken backside? LOL

  10. Anonymous2:04 pm

    Not enuff sugar lah, brother. don waste it.

  11. ahahhaahahhahaahha

    chu pa~~~ not me..


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