16 September 2006

Video of Steve Irwin The Crocodile Hunter Final Moment

I received an email from Cynthia in Perth, Australia attached together with a video of what seems to be Steve Irwin/Crocodile Hunter final moment in the sea filming with a stingray.

If you look carefully, you could see a diver is kinda playing with a stingray and at the end of this video clip it seems that something had gone terribly wrong with that diver.

I do not know whether this video is genuine or not because everyone were in their full scuba gears and mask is covering their face, there is no way to tell who is who, so its entirely up to you to judge for yourself.

Its almost 2 weeks since he left us, Rest in Peace Stevo buddy!

P.S. : If you noticed, Steve Irwin is actually a blonde guy and the fler in the video? well ... you see for yourself :P


  1. sure is fake as that scene seem like in a pool not sea...

    stingray used its tail to stung not bites...

  2. Anonymous12:47 pm

    That doesnt look like a pool.

    It may look empty and shallow, but its definitely not a pool.

  3. Anonymous2:18 pm

    Its fake ler. The Australian police still hasn't release the video ler.
    Anyway, Steve..rest in peace.

  4. the diver's body size doesn't looks like steve. i got experieced b4 that i accidently stepped on a small stingray's bulb, i can't explain how painful i was, my tears came out on the spot until went to see doc for injection. a fisherman told me stingray is th no 1 most painful fish in the world.

  5. its fake lah, so very fake!

  6. Anonymous4:09 pm

    The producer of the film had alredi passed the video tapes to the police for investigation.

    He aso said that the film will be destroyed after tat and will not see the light of the day.

    May Steve Irwin rest in peace

  7. the stingray so the garang! Doesnt seem real liddat...
    Such a freak accident.
    May he rest in peace.

  8. May Steve rest in peace.

    I will definitely watch the clip though I bet it will take forever to upload..;-(

  9. Anonymous2:50 am

    No, that is definately not the film of Steve Irwin.

  10. mahai...we go eat tonight!

  11. Its not Stevo la..First, da body size failed d..2nd, news said the stingray below Stevo wen it stung him.

    Yesday TV jus shown Croc Hunter.


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