7 September 2006

Kopitiam Toks

Linpeh, Cocka and Ahpek were drinking kopi together gether in the kopitiam one morning ..... you know how things were when you are at kopitiam in the morning la .... those mah lart lows all boasting about their sex life wan.

So after a few sips of kopi they begin toking liow ....

Cocka : Last nite i made lafu to my wife 4 times!!! Then this morning i wokeup she made me blekfas and told me how good i was last nite.

Ahpek : Cheh! Last nite I made lafu with my wife 6 times!!! This morning she made me wantan mee and kiss me and said she will never gonna love another man in her lifetime.

Linpeh hear ledi dem tulan la! how can he lose to them rite anot? But he dunwan say anything yet till .... Cocka asked him this :

Cocka : oi Linpeh .... so last nite how many round u got la?

Linpeh : One round only .......

Ahpek : One round only???!!! hahahahaha!!!

Cocka : hahahahaha!!! 1 only har??! then then this morning what your wife tell you lar ??

Linpeh : Keep going honey ..... dont stop.



  1. wuahahaha..lin, cocka wingz university mia director all hamsap yamade punya kakis!!!

  2. he must use DURECELL bateri wan....
    you know "it keep going and going"

  3. Lin Peh only 1 times becoz 90% of the time his trying all ways to get his KKC up !

  4. Anonymous8:32 am

    You didn't join them to blow water together meh? LoL...

  5. ah wingz leh? how many times?

  6. Anonymous9:02 am

    mahai. Lin peh sick ah? so long cannot cum. die ler lidat means.

  7. lin peh's wife lafu him the best!

  8. sure onot he can tahan so long wan???lol

  9. knncbb, if fack until morning, bini mia hai oso lat.

  10. errr... cant give comment, coz I still dunno mine can tahan how many rounds... LOL.

  11. R u sure Lin Peh so keng ah?

    Did he rub outside only for the whole nite?

  12. Anonymous9:56 pm

    walau whole note wo ... how many bottle of lube u used?


  13. Linpeh took so long because his gugujiao needs a long long time to stimulate.
    The nerves all die liao...no feel liao. Took the whole nite until morning to get it up...that also with the help of chain hoist! LOL


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