2 September 2006

Light and Easy - Lifestyle of Lich and Fehmes!

I dont really wanna ruin your weekend, so if you are a fanatic cars fan I advise you to stay away from this post, or else do not blame me for a crappy weekend. Others proceed at your own risk :)

This is a Brand new Ferrari Enzo which cost a few millions linggit.

This is the scene of how a rich man drove his Ferrari Enzo

What happened when a Ferrari Enzo hit a Lamp post at 325km/h?

This is the engine of what used to be a Ferrari Enzo

This is what left of the Ferrari Enzo

Some people cant even afford a car lidis even tho they saved up for 100 years

And some lucky guy can just wrecked it without blinking an eye.( okayla maybe he blinked lar but thats not the point ok?)

And if you are that RICH, you dont die that easily do you? Yar that basket survived!!!

If he wanna gimme that Wrecked Ferrari as plesent I also very happy liow! I will put all those wrecked parts at home and tell ppl "Hey I got a Ferrari Enzo at home you know??!!! Dont belif u kam my house and see la!"

Make u so tulan and wonders "why some people can be so farking lucky one huh?" .... *sigh*

Anyone wanna buy me a Ferrari steering? I will be very grateful! Tenkiu!



  1. waahhahaa... that one ferrari potong. if not where can break into half wan.
    serves him right. every weekend i see about 7 or eight of them racing down to PD then few hours later, racing back.

  2. hmm... this machine Guan Gong lagi cannot save the driver lor... too much horse power, kekekeke. I got Schumacher's F1 car in my house wor, wanna see or not? :P

  3. filali mia steering i cant afford...
    pigilari i can...lol

  4. Anonymous1:52 pm

    Some people are born with a golden spoon ler.!! What to do? Kenot have one then just see oni lor.

  5. I want that seat. Cut a hole in the center and use that for toilet seat.

  6. Anonymous3:28 pm

    tiu, i wan the tayar with the rim ... or dashboard or the seat, the seat still nice rite ...

  7. aiyoo.... ferlari nia... i oso hv at home... :p

  8. Read this news before, it happen in US. That idiot drove and rammed into a pole but survived. The engine flew 1000 feet from the crash site!!! When police came, that idiot said the driver ran off in the bushes up the hill. After further investigation, he got caught!! Bodoh!! So after this accident another one less Enzo in this world making Enzo even rare to have. Stupid man + Enzo = Accident!

  9. Anonymous6:59 pm

    Ferrari can use this incident for their advertisement di, say something like "Wanna be safe even hitting the lamp post at 325km/h? Drive a Ferrari!". LoL...

  10. Anonymous11:23 am

    And the whole story


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