12 September 2006

This is Therapeutic (18SX)

WARNING : 18sx post, those under 18 years old pls do not proceed! There is nothing interesting about this post and certainly there is nothing to be curious about.

Today is a very stressful day, infact everytime got audit also is a very stressful day!!! Tax and accounts and shits AARRGGHHHH!!! Someone please kill me alredi!!!

Thats not all, Yesday ... I had the scariest dream ever!!! Whole nite dreaming of ghosts, haunted houz, kena stalk by ghost, kena posessed by evil spirits .... WTF!!!!

I came to work with only half of my soul left ..... and suddenly I been told that our auditor is here to audit our account Wah lau eh!!! How worst can my day be?!!!! MAHCHOWHAIII!!!!

Its lunch time now and I dont feel like eating ...... all i wanna do is ......

Ciggy is very the therapeutic ..... I just need more of them to calm meself down, if not bcoz of ciggy i think i alredi kena stroke ledi today ..... (See i told you this is an 18Sx post dint i?) In case you are under 18 yrs old and u still reading this, please do not try this at home ok? in fact dont even try this anywhere! Ciggy is bad for little bois!!!!

Soli no mood to crack jokes today ..... normal post will resume tomlo (if im still alive)

What a SUCKY DAY!!!!

Disclaimer : I do not endorse smoking, this is my personal prefrences. Smoking does not makes u look cool! Smoking gives u bad breath and stained teeth and cancer too!!!



  1. Anonymous2:14 pm

    Smoke more brather and u will be hell bound soon.

  2. relax la taikor... I also got bad dream bout my parents, I woke up n cried somemore... just smoke! I also smoke alot this few days. Cheers!

  3. smoke less lar as smoking wont help much!!!

    see now 3.16pm and a day going to be off soon... ;)

  4. I can just imagine how smoky your room is...might as well bring a salmon fish inside. Then can have smoked salmon for dinner :)

  5. Anonymous3:34 pm

    ei...make me happy only when i saw 18SX...tot got some erotic pictures, manatau your 18SX is related to drug but not sex scenes...cheh

  6. Anonymous3:49 pm

    eh, dun smoke so much lah. dowan u to die so fast. lei tung ngor king kai, ok?

  7. Smoking can also gives you erectile dysfunction or to make it simpler, smoking kills the kukubird too. Warning : Big bois, don't smoke, ok?

  8. I think de ghosts are representing the auditors lei betul tak? It is a vision and advice to you in advance lor.

    Take care dude. Cheers!

  9. Anonymous4:45 pm

    LiLian, I think wingz saw ur comment, he scared ledi. LoL...

    Btw, from where you know smoking can cause erectile dysfunction? Never heard of that before also.

  10. mentol will indirectly erectile dysfunction. so dun smoke mentol

  11. A ciggy a day keeping the pressure away...

  12. Smoking is no good; it cause cancer, bad breath, etc, etc; why you still smoke????

    Anyway, I am smoking while writing this!!!!

  13. Anonymous11:59 pm

    You heavy smoker meh? Rokok naik harga la wei!!

  14. Really wonder eh. Smoking really will lessen ur 'burden' meh? Wat i can see is more 'smoke in the air, canot see clearly and that make it more worse' :P

    Dude, u need another round of holiday lo..Dream ghost, evil, etc.

    *U watch scary movie b4 u sleep isit


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