20 September 2006

Acer Aspire 3680/3681

Those who are here looking for a place to download the Hardware Drivers of ACER ASPIRE 3680 or ACER ASPIRE 3681, Please click on the below Link:

ACER ASPIRE 3680/3681 Europe Downloan Link

There is also a brief review for this Acer ASPIRE 3681 at the bottom of the page

An Acer Notebook for only RM1,999.00? (Approximately US$555) You better believe it! My brader just bought one! Its the Acer Aspire 3681, same specs with Acer Aspire 3680 but 3681 do not come with preinstalled XP instead it comes with Linux O/S

And becoz it came with preinstalled Linux there arent any Drivers for Windows XP!!! I hafta download it one by one by one by one knn!! Not to mention the acer.com.my website is totally HOPELESS!!!

Whats in the package?
  1. Intel Celeron M 410 (watever that means)
  2. 14.1"XWGA (watever fark that is)
  3. Mobile Intel 940 GML chipset (watever fark that is for)
  4. 60gb hdd (this one i know wat lar!)
  5. 512mb ddr2 ram
  6. DVD-CD/rw combo (this one also i know lar! watch porn got use wan!)
  7. 802.11b/g wireless LAN

All these for only RM1999.00 (US$555 in Malaysia)!!! ... some peeple mia handphone also cost more than this! Amacam? u say this deal chun anot?!!

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This notebook pc is definitely a good buy la ... the quality is not known yet since the installation also not fully done yet. But for a Uni student like him, this should be sufficient enuff.

This can kira like the poor man mia notebook itu macam unless some nice peeple out there willing to donate a more powderful unit then if lidat lain kira ledi lol!

P.S. : I still have problem installing the bloody network driver!!! arghh!!!

Update : Ok kautim!!! the WiFi is kinda slow tho ... derno whether i installed wrongly or wat ... nevertheless its working fine now.


Notes on Aspire 3681NWXCi

Feature packed, all nicely done are the few things I can say about this laptop. I am currently using this laptop to type this review. It came with a Intel Celeron M processor and surprisingly, it doesn't feel like a Celeron at all. My startup is smooth, with not much delay even though there are many programs loading in the background. This baby comes with a 512 MB DDR2 RAM, fit for a student like me.

Those who want to use this gadget to gaming will find that there will be some restrictions. However, I am using this laptop to play Stronghold two without much difficulties. Although it is quite slow upon its loading, however, the game does not lags nor jerks when I am playing. Those who consider buying this machine will worry about its performance but rest assure; this is a fine machine with everything you will ever need (except for bluetooth function, which is not a big problem). The wireless LAN provided is as just as good and sufficient if you are not requesting any extras. It is able to connect to most of the wireless network in town.

I mostly use this laptop for typing and surfing. Basically, this is a very nice laptop covering all the basic features you need. However, there is a problem of overheating though. This is the only concern I have about this neat machine.

Apart from that, this laptop is more of a budget laptop and surprisingly it comes with many extras I thought they do not have. Everything runs fine with this laptop, and the performance is good. However, this depends on the requirement of the user. For someone who is a university student like me, this laptop is more than enough. However, if you intend to use your laptop for other reasons other than for studying and the like, then you might consider buying a higher-end laptop...

I almost forgot about the screen. The display LCD is fantastic! I gave a thumb thumb up on this one! It's really crystal clear (lives up to its name: CrystalBrite LCD) and it gave a crisp and highly defined image. It beats most of those more expensive variety... Oh yes, apart from using this baby for studying, I also use it for movie-viewing. Neat huh!



  1. Not too bad, but it could be that cheap because core duo notebook is out. :)

  2. nowdays laptop price drop very much oledi, with celeron chip is around that price la somemore is acer mia brand lagi murah. But must take care well of acer product lor... not that reliable.

  3. Anonymous2:14 am

    no la, jason dul core wan cannot lawan withthis type wan, this is the economy range wan ... but if you dont do much processing the celeron should be ok mia ...

    but nowadays all appz also makan memory like fahai wan ...

    i think by end of the year before they launch vista the price gonna drop more, coz i foresee 40% of the dealers stock all cannot run vista wan ... to run vista you need like 700MB RAM liao ... so 1GB ram also not enough ... somewhere region of 2GB la ...

    me using aspire too, back then was the best deal la ... acer aspire 2000 - 3years back then was 6k man ..

  4. Anonymous8:39 am

    That Acer assemble in china ka?

  5. Wingz, those driver can be found out there la..Just search thru the web lo.Or u can go DriverGuide.com (free registration, if not mistaken)

    Ppl pre-install with Linux ma, who ask ur kkc gatal go and install XP jek..

    Waiting for Vista + Dual core out..

  6. too bad its a celeron chip..:(

  7. You get what you paid lah...

  8. 60GB enuf for your porn koleksion meh ?

  9. Not bad for that price.. Can go starbucks and surf liao lor. :P

  10. blardee hell.. i dun care wingz.. u donate to me!!!!

  11. Anonymous2:39 pm

    waa.. you so terror with computers wan.

  12. You now can surf faster and more power to your blog there :) a new acer rojakz! Cheers!

  13. Lol, Celeron atau apa, tak tahula, asalkan the brader of his can use la, won't meletup gua, this is his brader lo...wahahaha! Thx Bro!

  14. jason : I also using Dell inspiron 6400 dual core ... speed wise not much different unless u doing background processing ler

    kenny : ya ler this acer is for my little brother mah so no nid so power lar

    earlku : kanneh 700mb??!!! fark la!! vista can go die!!! fark them no free!

    omg : yar i also think this notebook can fry eggs lol

    aceone : Ass-sembled in Shanghai

    youngbrat : itu acre mia website tak bleh pakai wan ... like 9hai only! IT company konon!

    wuching : the price so cheap wor ... knot ask for more ledi ler

    frostier : no ler ... same machine were use for winxp also, its now running under xp home (I bili legal mia eom laa bukan ciplak mia!)

    inevitable : ya la so no complen lar ... dirt cheap ledi sommo comes with egg frying features lol!

    linpeh : mcb! its for my brother la (neh thats him at the end of this komen)

    pisang : wat to do ... poor ppl like us as long as got pc to use happy liow lerrr

    sming : starbucks?? itu kopi manyak mahai lar!

    boss stewie : donate to you? u donate to me la!!! u Dot Com kompeni mia CEO wor!

    ahpek : waaa ... gua mana ada terra sama computers? lu lagi terror la! sindiri bikin template mia! lol

    joec : hehe its not mine, its my bro's

    henri : i finished downloading all the general softwares and drivers all intact. tonite i give to u lar

  15. Anonymous8:25 pm

    Intel celeron no good leh ^^;;
    especially since it's Acer (have bad acer experience long long time ago)

  16. Softload: Lin + pussy Linux

    no good meh? why change?

  17. Anonymous2:00 pm

    Celeron? WTH?!

  18. Anonymous10:43 pm

    ACER = Aku Cepat Rosak...!!! Got myself a BENQ... notbad notbad... similar price but not celeron da... Centrino...

  19. i can guarantee ur brother will start to complain later...
    play game lag like sial, download slow like hai, online man man lai...
    i oso own a laptop lo... but now thinking of changing to desktop.
    laptop specs mostly cant change lo, unless for harddisk n RAM nia...
    but desktop u can customize 1, depends on how 'canggih' u wan for ur pc... haha!!

  20. Anonymous6:05 pm

    having the same problem here with the lan driver ? any help ??

  21. Anonymous12:44 pm

    please send to me the camera driver for aspire 3680, coz i have been search in acer europe site and o driver for my XP.

    there's only application for windows vista.

    please help to find the driver and emporing application.


  22. Anonymous2:59 pm

    I am also using Aspire 3681 an it's ok... It is pre-installed with Windows XP SP2. Not bad for me... Still can use punya lah... And I have diagnose with Microsoft, this Aspire model can upgrade to Vista, but why need to upgrade? As long as it still can be use, it's fine with me... beside, reviews said Vista still need improvement... Many menu hilang...

  23. Anonymous10:57 am

    now its my turn.. wtf!! only 1 1/2 years... cant turn on the laptop.. wut happen?? board or proceesor faulty???

  24. Thanks for the pics and info! better then the official site!
    acer aspire 4810t drivers


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