19 September 2006

Ahbeng Celebrating DeepaRaya at Muthu's House

Latuk Linpeh forwarded a joke to me via sms, since DeepaRaya is just around the korner ... I thot i modify it abit and post it up as a DeepRaya joke here.

This year DeepaRaya Ahbeng's boss Muthu invited him to go to his open house to celebrate together-gether. But on that day itself Ahbeng overslept and arrive late at the open house .... the party should start at 11am and by the time Ahbeng wakeup its alredi 2pm liow.

Dun wanna let his boss think he is anti Social wan, he fast fast dress up and rush to Muthu's house hoping the party isnt over yet la.

Upon arrival he found the party stiill going on, he was blardee relieved la ... he go look for his boss and thanked him for the invitation, toked to a few other colleagues before heading to the food counter.

Muthu employed the service of a catering company to take care of all the party's food, so its kinda like buffet style la .... if finish ledi they also cant help it bcoz they cant cook it on the spot right?

Unfortunately thats exactly what happened .... but Ahbeng derno that they almost ran out of food ledi, Ahbeng proceed to pick up a clean plate and walks towards the waiter :

Ahbeng : Boss, rendang ayam adakah?
Maniam : Tarak boss ... rendang ayam habis boss!
Ahbeng : Habis ka? Rendang kambing ada ka?
Maniam : Rendang kambing juga habis boss!
Ahbeng : Kari ayam ada ka?
Maniam : Kari ayam habis boss!
Ahbeng : Kari Kambing ada ka?
Maniam : Kari kambing also habis lar boss!

*At this point Ahbeng dem tulan ledi ... everything also habis and he also farking hungry ....*

Ahbeng : itu habis, ini habis apa majiam ini majiam??!!!
Maniam : Boss lu datang lambat itu majiam la!!!

*Upon hearing Maniam say he come late he lagi tulan ledi .... then he scolded Maniam :*

Ahbeng : Ka Ni Lah Buh la!!!
Maniam : Dei!!! kita olang hindu la!!! mana ada kari lembu sini??!!!


Happy DeepaRaya 2006, a Very Veery Early Wish to Everibodi whois celebrating this Holy Festival



  1. Kan Ni Ho Kaw Kan = kari Ohkau Ikan


  2. LOL... kari lembu, i oso dun makan lembu.

  3. Anonymous1:19 pm

    Dei..wadeh ada ka?

  4. Cipet you really damn 9 good add salt and vineger to make the jokes much better.U really joker

  5. Muahahahaha!! Lawak gila!!

  6. hahahaha!!!! I leanrt this now!!!


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