16 September 2006

Italiano Mama mia Lunch with Latuk Linpek and Latuk 9393

Today is our one of Bimonthly meeting, kinda like PMS but twice a month lol!

This time gathering specially meant for married man only, me being the youngest of them all!!! Mahai at my age the chance of being the youngest in the group doesnt come very often hahahaha!!! No, again i did not indirectly saying that Latuk Linpeh and Latuk 9393 is older than me ok?!! I Directly say wan!!! LOL!!!

Anyway, I learnt that my fav Italiano Restorant, PARADISO just opened another branch in Taman Segar there so I bring both of them go eat Italiano today.

ormally when we start toking kok that time, we dont really pay much attention to the food wan ... but today the food is bloody awesome!!! Latuk 9393 keep saying with his mouth full "MCH!!! dem tasty hor this oine" Linpeh dint say much ... bcoz hes too busy eating! But from Latuk Linpeh mia face expression can see he really enjoyed the food.

See? see? I told you the food is nice right???!! Next time go again wei!!!

Here are some pics taken during the meeting :

New Paradiso Menu

There is lotsa new stuffs toi be try in the new menu

Chicken cordon Blue - Highly Recomended!

Beyond those wooden grill sits Latuk 9393 and Latuk Linpeh

For the first time! Pics of Both latuk together gether!

L'antipasto Paradiso

Pizza Paradiso

The Bill

Their location map, address and tel number.

Food is GOOD! service also ok the only thing beh song is they close too early, we notchet finish meeting also that time they wanna close liow .... so we go Leisure Mall Mong Kok rest. and continue la!

The End.


  1. TanSri
    Forget says THANKS for the great lunch.

    Will brings my family there again,as my daughter crazy of pizza

  2. Lin Peh still wonder why you choose Itali restaurant when your favourite is Kon-Lou-Min ! :-(

  3. aiks!!! the restaurant's HQ just opposite my house? How come I dunno ah? must go try try lor...

  4. Dei, you three go 'something something' ah? Always meet up like dis?

  5. The Brokeback Mountain novel and DVD I lended to you, when you want to return to me, jek? How many rounds you read the book and watch the DVD liao? *cabut fast fast*

  6. Anonymous2:15 pm

    Oi tansli, when u wanna bring me to makan oso? :p

  7. 5xmom, We are trying Cho-Cho Train

    Lin Peh - Front

    Rojak- Middle

    Me- I suppose behind and they dunno I call Ah-Sing replace me

    Rojak in middle the happiest

  8. good lah, when i get to kl u take me there!

  9. Anonymous5:44 pm

    Wuahhh..the chicken cordon blue special looks yummy!!


  11. you no kau any waitress there meh? ceh! liar! :P


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