24 September 2006

Activities in a Prison

Three bank robbers (Linpeh, Ahpek and Aceone) were convicted and all of them were sentenced to 5 years jail term each. According to the rules and regulations of Kajang jail, each of them are allowed to bring one item to help them pass time when in jail.

On the bus to Kajang jail they tok to each other la .... the conversation is lidis wan :

Ahpek : Ace ... so what did you bring la?
Aceone : I bring lotsa crayons, i wanna plektis my drawing skills so when i kam out that time i can draw like Leanardo Dabinci!

Ahpek : Wuahhh ... teror wor!
Aceone : Ahpek what u bring?
Ahpek : I bring a few decks of cards ler ... can gamble ... can play paigow, poker, chordaidee ... suma can play! shiokkk!!!

Aceone : Eh Linpeh ... why your smile so hamsap wan? what you bring?
Linpeh : hehehe ... i thot you wont ask ... I brought this!!!

Ahpek : TAMPON??!!! you brought tampon??!!!! for wat???!!!
Linpeh : Neh if you read the box here ... it says here that after using it I can go Horseriding, swimming, rock climbing, roller skating, white water rafting!!! so many activities!!! I cant wait to put this on!!!!




  1. Anonymous2:59 am

    wuahahaha!!!Lin Peh, that tampon hor..errr..errr..which hole you wan to insert jek??

  2. LOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Lin Peh so cleberrrrrrrrrr!!

  3. thats mean all this while lin peh using it even meet u ppl???while yum cha imagine horse riding,rock klimbing...LOL

  4. Wakakakakakakakaka!!! I wonder how Lin Peh gonna plug in, good one... early morning makes me laugh, shhhh... my coll asked me y I laugh pula. LOL.

  5. Geng lo...Like dat aso can think of.

  6. Anonymous8:58 am

    lin peh sang ji chong lah!! that one for his bekside wan!!

  7. lau pei huet that time can insert nosehole. good stuff.

  8. Anonymous3:16 pm

    there's a TV advert in US where two kids of abt 5 and 7 age were discussing on what to do with the money they saved....one said to buy ice cream..the other said to get OB....and the punch line is just as you described....and the whole conversation was overheard by their mom

  9. Aiyah, this one stale joke already lah.
    Tell us something newer lah, tiu!


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