15 September 2006

My Daily Cuppa Kofi

Warning : Pointless Rants ahead, if you are sensitive to rants pls do not proceed. Others proceed at your own risk. Oh! while you are at it, you can make assumptions while you read but what you assumed is your own opinion(s) ok? Do not hold me responsible for it. :)

This morning, like usual i was having my daily cuppa coffee in the classic kopitiam kinda cup (like the one shown in the pic below) I would really prefer this kinda cup to the other types actually .... I derno why but drinking my coffee from this kinda oldish classic kopitiam cup bring back so much memories, especially it reminded me of those days when my grandpa would fetch me behind his bicycle to his favourite kopitiam and he would lemme drink coffee from the saucer of such cup. I asked him why do i hafta drink from the saucer instead of the cup itself? He answered me "because the coffee will cool down faster in a saucer" I really missed those days ....

While waiting for my coffee to cool down abit before i take my first sip, suddenly I got strike by this deep thought ..... I was staring at my cuppa coffe and start pondering.

"This cuppa coffee is not as easy as it look" what i meant is ... i gone thru lotsa trouble every single day just so that I could enjoy this cuppa coffee everyday. This is not a simple cuppa coffee at all, in this cuppa coffee there is worries, troubles, arguements, struggles, fights, problems, sweats and blood. Kinda scary isnt it? But thats the truth .... everyday we brave thru the day no matter how bad it is hoping that we will make it thru and survive another day so that tomorrow we could enjoy our cuppa coffee again.

This process is gonna repeats itself over and over again till u die or till you decided to retire for good! What more scary is this cuppa coffee is gonna cost you even more worries, troubles, arguements, struggles, fights, problems, sweats and blood in the near future .... it used to be RM0.80 for a cuppa coffee 3 years ago but today its no longer RM0.80 .... its RM1.30 now!

What does a simple man like me gotta do to make sure that he will still be able to enjoy his daily cuppa coffee in the time to come? I do not have complex demand, i do not wish for world piss peace nor I got any say in global warming, I just want my cuppa coffee damnit!

Why you can spend millions of bucks to rebrand something as useless as Mat Rempit but you cant even keep the price of my daily cuppa coffee at RM0.80??? What Da Fark right??

Last time my english teacher in secondary school Mrs Sidhu taught us that if you cant do anything right then you better dont do anything at all, at least you wont look like a farking idiot! right?

Anyway to show you that I have no hard feeling towards those people that came out with that Mat Cemerlang Idea, I for once would like to suggest some more "rebranding" that needed to be done to our community, this is some of my suggestions :

  1. Whore Lover : Mat Ayamlang
  2. Snatch Thieves : Mat 9-hai-also-rampas-lang
  3. Conmen : Mat Tipu-lang
  4. Flashers : Mat Tunjuk-batang
  5. Gamblers : Mat ForDeelang (4D)
  6. Gengsters : Mat Kiasilang
  7. Drunkards : Mat Maboklang
  8. Liars : Mat Pooh-Key-Lang
  9. Racist : Mat Poot-Tai-Lang
  10. Robbers : Mat G-Buy-Lang
  11. Thieves : Mat Blue-bird-lang
  12. Ahlong : Mat Fainenlang
  13. The guy on a tricycle stealing metal all over the place : Mat Lan-Also-Curi-lang
Wuah I just rebranded 13 types of peeple la! U think i can get at least 1 million bucks anot ar? You know who I can ask the money from har? I rebranded 13 types of peeple wor! That alone has the street value of a few millions bucks lar at least!

If only things were so simple, if only the black will become white just by "re-branding" then please "re-brand" my daily cuppa coffee so that i will still be able to buy a cuppa of coffee for only RM0.80.

If only some peeple were a bit smarter .... "IF" *sigh*

I end this post with a survey result taken from All Malaysia.info

Click ont he above image for a larger version

Go on, take the poll .... let them know how we felt! Click HERE

: I would like to apologise for this rant of mine .... I just knot tahan anymore liow .... normal transmission will resume tomlo .... tenkiu.


  1. hohohoho...mou tiu.

    If got a farker wat also tiu...
    then is Mat 7 Tou Tiu Lang...

    re-brand he thought is like re-bonding

  2. Anonymous7:35 am

    i luv it

  3. awal tahun 2007 minyak akan naik lagi 50 cent...

    teluma kasik...

  4. Anonymous8:41 am

    mat apalan pun tak tau lang
    mat bisu lang
    mat tingkat empat lang
    mat sicomi lang
    mat bogeyman lang
    mat i correct lang
    mat kali, brendan, guna lang
    mat my idea lang
    mat no solee lang
    mat ecm lang
    mat f-i-l lang
    mat s-i-l lang
    mat pantai lang
    mat racist lang
    mat k ekonomi? lang
    mat iblis lang

    malaysia boleh become malaysia bohliao. last time i vely proud to become malaysian, now ppl ask me where u come from "ahh..ehh.. ma..
    malaisia. last time ppl heard mahathir's name, also know who la, aiya my pm ma terror le, now ppl ask who's ur pm (vely embarrased) eh u don't know meh ehh.. bodohwi ah.
    wa si lo ma generation punya lang
    pity that old man, tarak olang sapot, have 2 go through all this shit

  5. Nice one Wingz ! If only the poll have another selection i.e We are not Mature at All ! kakaka..

  6. Nice post brader! The cup really refresh my old memories, I'm a coffee freak too. This kind of classic cup hard to find it now days, but I still can find it in my hometown (Butterworth). In KL just few kopitiam have it.

    The poll result was right, I agree with it.

  7. One solution to all of these mat, FAB Buku to clean up all this mess. I want peace and a cheap cuppa strong coffee. Cheers!

  8. You caused my kofi to shoot through the nose somewhere between 6 & 7 lang.

  9. haiya! throw good money to chase the bad. stooooopid betul, ya?

  10. Komplain lanjiao ah ? Kopi RM1.30 Cheap lor ! You go Starfuck and see la !! LOL!

  11. Knot do the poll lah. They don have option no. 4 : Sudah gone backwards.

  12. tiuz..who comes to ipoh i treat9 u IPOH OLD TOWN WHITE COFFEE!

    mgh...in ipoh also same price la.wtf! mou tiu

  13. Politikal rojak? lol

    Diu, we're having RM1.30 white coffee but our kids are having RM10++ coffee. (and not starting to work yet..) Make sense?

    I dun care, unless he's kau-ing the girl, he can have his coffee at mamak's!

  14. Anonymous3:00 pm

    Wahahahaaa.......diao nya ngai diao! pot dai lang!

  15. Kopi $0.80 ah? We are lucky, we still can afford it at $1.50. Someday soon, it will be $5.

    Apa Lang?

    Who cause it? = Ka Ki Lang
    Who? = Kai li lan ciau Lang
    How come? = Tem Be Lang
    Blame who? = Pak Lang
    Who die? = Mat Lang
    Who suffer = semua Lang
    Who wins? = Chi Bai Lang
    Who cares = Bo Lang
    Who else = mana ouh Lang
    Where are they = see ka liau Lang
    Why = Bo lui Lang
    What else = Lang li ka Lang

  16. Anonymous7:08 pm

    Change to Nescafe 3in1. Cheap nia. Just add hot water nia.

  17. Anonymous7:39 pm

    wakakaka, you ada PMS ...

  18. maverick: hou lan ging!pui fook pui fook! play wat lang?i main layang layang!


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