17 April 2006

Monday Just Cant Get Anymore Worst Than This !!!!

I know this used to be a happy blog with crappy jokes everday but somehow this few weeks my life sucks to the max!!! I would like to apologise for the lack of updating and the lack of sunny jokes to brighten your day with. I m just feeling so farking down right now!!

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Updates : At 5:30pm today i received a call from 9393 he just stopped by Gleneagle ICU to pay SCB a visits and SCB's mom is there keep asking her to wakeup. According to the doc, this dont look so good, for further details please goto 9393's blog later tonite he will update u guys with details. Nevertheless i still believe in miracles!!! SCB FASTER WAKEUPP!!!!

"WHACKED!" there was this thing that hit me on the back of my head last week, it took me the whole of the weekend trying to recover from it, I did not managed to fully recovered from the hit last week and this morning I was hit again at the same bloody spot!!! I passed out instantly! Im flat on my face! Strike 3!!! FINITO!

Yea thats pretty close to what i m going thru right now.... while im still struggling with my father's condition im slap with another piece of bad news this morning.

I got this sms message from linpeh while i was still driving this morning, one of our close frend / blogger whom we invited to appear in our upcoming talk show on the 5th of April 2006 gone into coma since 8th april 2006. Linpeh only learn about this today from an email from her friend.

Linpeh didnt mention alot in his sms to me, he just asked me to check my email and that is what i did first thing i arrive into the office.

I dont know whether I should publish this email or not but I decided to publish part of the email and hope everyone reading this will pray for her recovery.


Very sorry for not able to inform you all earlier about what happen to Siao Char Bor (SCB) .

She is currently in ICU in Gleneagle, Ampang. She collapsed while in Rum Jungle, last Saturday night (8 April 2006). Her current condition is stable, but still in state of coma until today. I hope and pray that she will wake up very soon.
I still can remember clearly on that day itself, she offered me a ciggaette as I do not carry cigarette with me when i go out, it was Salem light we had a smoke and talked bout others things in life .... little do i expect things would turn out like this for her.

As of now shes still in coma, I plead to you all to pray for her ... ask god to wake her up from her sleep and back into this world again.... I thank you for all your prayers.




  1. hope she'll wake up soon and be ok. hugs

  2. Anonymous2:40 pm

    I'll be praying for Siao Cha Bor to wake up soon...& also for your Dad's recovery.
    Take care & hugs.

  3. wish she'll get well soon... *hugz* and u too...

    by the way, i tot she has a babe girl rite? may tat little girl get her mama back soon...


  4. I am shocked! I will definitely pray for her. I hope she has people around her? Keep us update ok?

  5. indeed quite a shock to us all, will be praying for her & ur dad too! god bless!

  6. Anonymous3:17 pm

    Yeah. Kinda surprised when received that email as well. Hopefully, everything turns out well for everyone... and soon.

  7. my prayer and best wishes for ur dad n scb. *hugzz*

  8. I hope she'll regain her consciousness soon. All the best and my heartfelt prayers go to her.

  9. Anonymous3:49 pm

    i don't really know her but after discovering this whole new world of (pretty cool) bloggers, i can only pray for her quick recovery...

  10. I will keep scb, her little girl and your dad in my thoughts and prayers. Take care!

  11. Anonymous4:38 pm

    omgoodness....i didnt know! no wonder her blog not updated for so long. :(

    will pray for her n ur dad too. *hugs*

  12. I was really saddened by the news.
    Really hope she recovers soon...

  13. Anonymous5:35 pm

    yes.. very sad news indeed.
    bradder, if you visit her, can you please send her a card or some flowers on my behalf? i'll reimburse you.

  14. i m saddened by this news too.. i hope she is ok and wakes up very soon..

  15. Anonymous7:23 pm

    Though I'm new and dunno Siao Cha Bor, I'll be praying for her speedy recovery and your dad too.


  16. Prayers to SCB.

    This is a shock.

  17. my prayers are with your dad and SCB. have courage, things will turn out for the better.

  18. Anonymous2:05 am

    I'm shocked too. Wish my prayers may help your dad and SCB. I thought she is around my age, but how come coma out of a sudden?

  19. Anonymous2:40 am

    sorry wingz,i didn't read ur blog for the past few days.. I hope that everything go well for ur dad and ur friend Siao Cha Bor. They will be in my prayer and u too..be strong okay!!


  20. Wow.. I didn't come visit for a few days .. shocked to hear the news. Even though I didn't know SCB, hope that she will recover soon.

    She is in my prayers.

  21. Wow.. I didn't come visit for a few days .. shocked to hear the news. Even though I didn't know SCB, hope that she will recover soon.

    She is in my prayers.


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