25 April 2006

Ah Gu The Fireman

Once there was this fireman named...........errr.. call him Ah Gu la..

One day Ah Gu went back home from work and told his wife.. "Gu Soh (Mrs. Gu larr) ah.. you know hor.. we have this keng chau system at the fire station"

"How keng??" Gu Soh asked

"Like that one.. we have 3 kinda bells. When Bell no. 1 rings, we all put on our jackets. When Bell no. 2 rings leh.. we all slide down the pole and when Bell no. 3 rings, we're on the fire truck and ready to go."

Ah Gu then continued.. "So hor.. from now on.. when I say Bell 1, I want you to strip naked. When I say Bell 2 hor.. you have to jump in the bed. And when I say Bell 3 right.. we are going to make love whole night. Ok or not this idea?"

Gu Soh nodded her head and said.. " Ok Ok!! I like!!"

The next night, Ah Gu went back home and yelled "Bell 1!!"

Gu Soh sexcitedly took all her clothes off and waited for the 2nd command.

When Ah Gu shouted "Bell 2!!", his wife faster faster jumped into the bed and again waited for his next command.

After the command "Bell 3", they started making love.

Few minutes later, Gu Soh yelled "Bell 4!!!!!!!!! Bell 4!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Ah Gu got so blur and asked his wife.. "What the fark is Bell 4??!! I thought we only have 3 Bells in our commands."

Gu Soh then looked at his husband and said.. "Bell 4 means ROLE OUT MORE HOSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. You are farking nowhere near the fire!! Nia mah.."


  1. talk code ah? then what bell if ni-law coming unexpectly?

  2. bell 5?? Why hose nothing comes out? lol

  3. bell 6, floppy hose liao..

  4. Anonymous5:45 pm

    The hose not working lar.!!

    Wingz, why little comments here?? Everibody jump into your forum oledi, perhaps wanna see Humsap la.


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