15 April 2006

Have Money will Travel .....

Have Money Will Travel but if you are poor dont fall sick! Yea thats should line after the first one .... I think I just lost all my sense of humor.

Somehow or rather I need to dig out a freaking huge sum of money if I want my oldman to get well. This is like "Hah? No Insurance? No Money? Then die!! What??? Bayar bulan bulan??!! you think this is court Mammoth ka? Nononono!!!" That kinda situation.

So, anyone reading this who might turn out to be a kind Cardiologist? or IJN's (Institute Jantung Negara) staffs or any other cardio expert who knew a thing or two about by-pass could spare me a light when im in total darkness pulezzz ??? I m kinda at a dead end here.....

Is there anyone out there who wanna buy a kidney? I got 1 to spare! Kind souls pls mail me at rojaks.wingz@gmail.com

To the rest, Happy Easter Day. This would definitely be an unforgetable Easter Day .......


  1. according to a friend, a heart by-pass surgery means some vessels in the heart is clogged, so a new vessel must be made to by-pass the bad ones.

    take care, and best wishes, and good luck.

  2. prof Kim Tan:Sunway..is a pretty good cardiologist
    take care

  3. siggghh.. sorry lah bradder. what to do? see one step, take one step lor.

  4. Why dun sell your lampah ? By the way, will call u later about sakit jantung negara. Take care.

  5. Anonymous9:35 am

    i m sorry to hear that ur old man is unwell.
    Coronary Bypass is a major surgery involving the opening of the chest cavity to gain access to the heart. Blood vessels/ coronary artery supplying the heart can clog up, causing chest pain or angina. Bypass surgery involving the bypass of the blockage with a graft, usually the one in the leg is used. It is a bit like re- plumbing. Sometimes, more than one bypass is required if there are more than one blockage. An X-rays of the heart, Angiogram, will tell u how many.
    It is a very expensive surgery.
    Before embarking on the bypass surgery, it may be wise to get a second opinion. Angioplasty may help. This procedure is much simple and cheaper. It is juz like the rod-ding the pipe to clear the blockage in plumbing, rather than replacing it. Angioplasty works well in minor cases, and non-invasive.
    I dun think one kidney is enuff to pay for bypass surgery. You may need to get help from the public, preferrably thru the media or MP. I wish Malaysia has a National Health Service.

  6. Wingz,
    Let me share my loktor buruk's views. This is when money can make the difference. Otherwise, you have to queue up with all the rest of people.

    My lengjai loktor often wrote (appeared in newspapers) that heart by-pass is a cheaper operation and the effect is permanent. The scar is like a railroad track. BUT the doctor, a (yeh sou) cardiac-thoraic surgeon said most doctors will use these points to tell their patients and ask them to opt for angioplasty. Which is just a tiny scar. (and their pocket gets bigger)And the vessels can get block again, and you know the rest.....

    So, please remember this point. Relax and dun think that your old man is going to pau cha (explode) anytime. Usually, when we panic, we cannot think well. We will run to the most famous hospital/doctor and $$$ also very huge. Opt for Government Hospital for cases like these cos it really is very very expensive.

    Email me yr add and I courier a book to you lah. Written by the said cardiac thoraic surgeon. Dun werry, no yehsou tok inside one, just medical things people tell to make money.

  7. i dunno any good hospital la but just hope that u're parent get well soon.

  8. wingz you can go to UUMC last time knwon as U.H. ther you can pay bulan-bulan
    i'm not kidding, you can try it there.

  9. Anonymous3:09 pm

    Pisang Goreng is correct. UH is not free but a good choice. Calm down man. Both my father n brother got it too. Veli common nowadays. U Nid some help from 5xmum about diets n exercise!!

  10. Wingz....would you like to try Penang Adventist Hospital? I've got friends there and I know they won't ketuk you.
    Even insurance companies use their rates as claims benchmark.
    Drop me an email if you need help. I'll put you thru' the right channel.
    Take care.

  11. butty : thanks

    immigrant : sunway ka??? -_-"""

    boss stewie : tell me bout it!

    ahpek : one step at a time la ... mch who ask me not a farking millionaire!

    linpeh : lampah can sell how much 1 bijik ar ??

    rub: you got frend with any MP or media anot ??

    5xmom : yes i want that book pls...tenkiu

    sing : thanks

    Pisang:thanks but UUMC also long waiting list, my oldman case abit knot wait so long ....

    cocka : tailo I am open for all possibilities now, penang also penang la! Timbaktu also i kena go dont say penang!

  12. And I can fook si your dad for you! I charge you food catering fees only.

    Let me quote a sentence from Mr. Eng Ji Bah's book:
    Chapter title : Vested Interest

    "However, to the cardiologist who is used to having big income from his practice and thus has heavy financial commitments, somebody has to pay the bills."

    And this sentence:

    "Thus, the next time a doctor makes a decision regarding your health, think carefully whether it is in your best interest or in the interest of his own pocket."

    Mr. Eng is from Lam Wah Ee hospital, Penang. He wrote the book, donated 1,000 copies to our church and all proceeds (RM12K) go to build a community building/chapel.

  13. hugs and pass regards to unkle =)

  14. Anonymous7:00 pm

    May GOD bless your old man. Hope he gets well soon.

  15. Anonymous1:12 am

    Sorry to hear about your oldman.
    Go for IJM bypass first then say
    your are "office boy" can bayar bulan bulan wan.

  16. i'm so sorry to know about this mate. I'm still in semester 1 newbie in a medic uni so i cant say anything about the surgery yet. but i know the whole damn thing is goin to cost damn lot la. since we are all chinese, therefore u know what's the trouble la... take care man


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