24 April 2006

Announcing Rojaks Forum - Experimental Stage Only

Click on the above image to go to Rojaks Forum

I created a forum called Rojaks Mia Forum, this is where those I will post those Super Duper 18SXXXX stuffs and those super sensitive stuffs that i knot post in Rojaks Daily. You know la ... sometime the images too power ledi, later kids under 18yo see ledi i bcome bad influence pulak ... bad karma sial! So I made a forum for that purpose ler ....

The forum is registration is open now and all regular readers are invited to register and share their" jokes", "piktures" etc ... erm .. due to the sensitivity of the nature of the piktures displayed in that forum hor ..... those under 18 yrs old are not encourage to register ler .... this is why if you dont register you only see the not so sensitive stuffs only.... the sensitive stuffs is hidden and only registered users can see them :P

Right now the forum project is in its experimental stage only ... see response and see whether it serves the purpose anot la ... then kena see the bandwidth kaw anot also lol ... if too kaw i might bankrupt lol

The main purpose of the forum is for Rojaks Readers to post their thought without being read by the whole world ler ... i know some of you got stuffs to say but dunwan to disclose yourself right? Then the forum is for you lo! other than that you can mingle with others bloggers orso.

MCH! apa tunggu tunggu ?? Fai tit register la!!! Click here to Register



  1. can trust ot not WITH OU INFO .....

  2. diuuu ... macam lar i m gonna sell your info to bekside mau turn mia kakis lol

  3. kip the infomasi to urself. Dun tell them I m a secret secret lagi sekret agent ar !!!

    006 here, over.

  4. u mean i can post really humsup links i otherwise wont put on my blog here.... really....????

  5. rub: knn last time u tell me u r 003 u said 006 too thick no feel lol

    ahpek:Wuah lu misti mali lar ... how we wanna hamsap without lu lol

    samm : YES!!! hehe shiok right ??

  6. I register liao... when can I start 'kau-ing' leang jais??

  7. Cis, I got rejected cos the forum only register for virgin, under 21 yrs old syts.

  8. titoki : u diam diam only.. tok laaa

    helen : i approve sama lu mia application imedieately liow

    lilian : kanneh u mana got apply?!

  9. Anonymous10:14 pm

    Wow!!.. Lidat mesti register la

  10. Anonymous10:17 pm

    Me, siang-siang register ledi ma

  11. actually the best name for it is hamsap annonymous!!! bcoz all memberalso hamsap mia kaki!!! wuahahaha!!!


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