9 April 2006

Weekend Photos : Rojaks Weird Pictures Collection

A collection of Exotic Photographs from all over the world! From Mexico to Acopulco! hehe Enjoy~~~

Note : Pulez do not wank to the photos ok?

Male and Female Carrot Standing next to each other :P

Cactus on Viagra?!

Oh Boy! is this tree sexcited or what huh?

You see what ??!!! WHERE??!!!!

scb : oh man!!! my knees is going weak~~~

5xmom : Oh my! i like~~~~

Linpeh : Now thats what I call a Dream Hole House .. ops ... I mean cave!

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  1. the effects of viagra towards plants. please don't litter your viagra, it mutate plants. lolz.

  2. I went to Koh Samui (or is it Phuki-t) and they have those male/female rocks. Wuah....the female one dem wet ler ('cos it is in the sea). BTW, the carrots dem funny.

  3. Anonymous5:18 pm

    lol! BEST POST EVAR!

  4. So which 1 resembles yours ah?

  5. I saw those pic before dude~!

  6. Anonymous2:32 am

    me dun see any resemblance ??? mine is definitely biggar ;) (juz the head i tink! whuaaaaaaaa !!!!) :D :D

  7. Anonymous2:27 pm

    Amazing !


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