21 April 2006

Which hole?

John loves to play golf. One day many many years ago, he was playing on a new golf course and got confused on which hole he was on. He then saw a chun chick playing ahead of her so he also took the opportunity to talk to her lar..

"Hello, this is my 1st time to this golf course. I am kinda confused right now. May I know what hole I am playing?"

"I am on the 8th hole. You are a hole behind me. So you should be on hole number 7 lor.." she told John.

He thanked her and went back to his game.

On the back nine, again the same thing happened. He went up to the leng lui again and asked "Sorry, I am confused again. Mind telling me which hole I am on now?"

"Errmm.. I am on the 15th. So you are on the 14th." the girl said.

"Oohh.. ok. Thanks alot." John responded before returning to his game.

After a while, John finished his round and went into the club house. He saw the girl sitting at the bar so he went up to her and offered to buy her a drink to show his appreaciation for her help. John then started a conversation and 1/2 way through he realized that he had not know the name of the girl yet.

"Oh yeah.. by the way, what's your name?" John asked.

"Helen. How about you?"

"I am John."
"What kind of work you are doing?" he asked further trying to get to know Helen better.

"If I tell you hor.. you sure laugh at me one.."

"No no. Don't worry. I won't laugh. I promise"

"I.. err.. sell tampons one.."

With that John fell on the floor laughing damn kao hard.

"Neh.. See.. I know you sure laugh at me one.. somemore said wont laugh.."

"Haha!! Nolar.. I am not laughing at the fact that you are selling tampons lar.."
"Actually hor.. I am a toilet paper salesman. So hor.. I am STILL one hole behind you."


  1. Anonymous2:47 am

    One selling toiletries for front hole and another selling toiletries for ass hole, BOTH of them very "amp hole" !!

  2. actcually this time john win....
    bee-kos toilet paper can use on 3 holes.....

    muah ha ha ha ha.....
    * laugh on the floor and rolling-rolling,to down stairs and still rolling,take a break for a while and drinkwater, continiu laugh and rolling to upstairs and to computer*

  3. john & helen r meant for each other

  4. lu hor liao lar.....lolz

  5. Anonymous11:39 am

    Any progress on your dad's situation?

  6. Haiyoh! Instead of John, use mahaiguruasia mah... BTW, I oso copycat you putting jokes on mywomenblog.com liao. But hor...it didn't turn out funny as on your blog. Why jek? Maybe the missing Pat Leong Kum factor?

  7. Anonymous9:51 pm

    Hole is men best friend
    Hole release our tension
    Hole give us satisfaction
    Hole keep us together

  8. haha jibai make me laugh skejap, now back to stressing myself

  9. hahaha dem good one wit the 'hole' story!

  10. Anonymous1:04 am

    nice one keep them comming

    ha ha ha ha ha ha

  11. Anonymous1:05 am

    nice one keep them comming

    ha ha ha ha ha ha

  12. Anonymous3:18 am

    good lah u


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