25 April 2006

Rojaks Forum Updates

2 days in the running, 101 members, 300mb bandwidth and 467 articles later ..... I really think its a very good start, apart from the crappy username that is. No fighting yet .. everyone is behaving like an adult, wtf am I saying? of coz adult lar! minor not welcome ok! lol ...

Click on the above image to go to Rojaks Forum

Maybe some of the Rojakias shud leave some "testi-mani" in the comments on how you feel about the forum and all.

See you there! Click here to join if you are over 18 HERE



  1. lu mia forum manyak shiok shiok lah!

  2. two words to describe man !! Super Ging... LOL..

  3. Anonymous4:53 pm

    Good ler.. 101 members in 2 days.

    Time to get a template perhaps?

  4. ok, i wanna be ur disciple so i'll join too!

  5. Anonymous5:41 pm

    Congratulations !!Very good response hor. Keep it up!! Keep the Rojak Flag flying man.

  6. Mani I got none
    Testi oso I got none
    But if humsup one
    I gerenti dunwan

    *walks off with halo on the head*

  7. nice forum... hahaha.. jokes + hamsup really a good combination.... so syiok ... keep it up...


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