13 April 2006

Ahbeng First Shag in UK

Lemme tell u about this Ahbeng frend of mine, his name is buttshaker but i call him butty in short. This guy is the coolest Ahbeng i've known, for the sake of this story we will just address him as Ahbeng ok ?

This Ahbeng go skool in UK one u know! dun pray pray an then he also told me ... his biggest dream while in UK is to shag an Angmoh girl la .... and 3 month after he stayed in UK his dream came true ledi. There is this Angmoh girl whois also his neighbour which he is shiok at ..... so one day he asked her out and to his suprise she agreed!

That nite he took her to this very lohmantik restaurant and give her fawers n spend her nice dinner so at the end of the day he brought that Angmoh girl to his apartment and after some small talk they had sex.

You know lar this butty young man with boiling blood and ragging hormones sure want pride wan mah ... after Ahbeng habis first round ledi he wanted to ask the Angmoh girl whether she got climax anot but since Ahbeng Yingrish is not that good he said

"So you finish?"

to that the Angmoh girl reply "No" ....

Ahbeng heard liow sibeh boh song! How can he knot kautim this Angmoh girl right? so he grab this girl and start second round, this time he no more play gentleman ledi ... this time he whacked that Angmoh girl kaw kaw .... like dog in heat lidat that Angmoh girl also beh tahan la ... she moaned and moaned and scream and thrash around ... after 30 minutes later game over ledi ....

Ahbeng smiles .... this time Ahbeng dem proud of himself to be able to performed steadily and consistantly for another 30 minutes of wild actions. then after recuperating for a few minutes Ahbeng lean over to Angmoh girl and ask her again

"So, you finish?" again the Angmoh girl said "No"

Wuah this time Ahbeng really tulan liow! how can his manhood kena challenge lidat man!!! with all his leftover power he throw himself on top of the Angmoh girl and start another round of wilder than ever mating ritual, this time he is like gorrila in heat, screaming and shouting at the Angmoh girl with all his strength and the Angmoh girl also dem shiok ledi ... she also moaning and screaming on top of her voice ... both of them scream untill the ceiling also wanna drop down lidat. This time Ahbeng really hantam kaw kaw one .... this time Ahbeng really dun wanna take "NO" for an answer so with all his remaining strength he thrust deep deep and fast fast, the Angmoh girl also dem jialat ledi ... she start scratching and clawing the pillow till the pillow cover also broke into piece alredi .... this goes on for a few minutes till at one point both also beh tahan ledi and they climaxed together-gether .....

Ahbeng half dead, drag himself over to the Angmoh girl, look into her sexy blue eyes, gave her a very hamsup smile and asked ......

"So, are you finish?"

At this point this Angmoh girl also beh than ledi .... she sked if she dun tell Ahbeng the truth he will torture her whole night .... unable to take anymore of Ahbeng sexual tortures she shout back at Ahbeng ;

"NOO you perverted chink!!!



  1. Anonymous5:03 am


  2. wahahahaaa!!! ji bet!!!

  3. ahbeng si beh lihai!

  4. Hahahahaha... Likedat untung 3 or 4 times liao!!

    No wonder my man never ask!

  5. wahahaha! yeah la, yeah la. i got stamina la!

    aktuali hor, she is not swedish, she is polips! i mean.. polish!

  6. wingz: u got the best joke in the world la...

  7. hahahahahahhaha
    gua beh tahan liao

  8. wuah lucky got ppl find this jke funny ... if not i seriously wanna retire liow lol

    helen : why ur man never ask u one jek ?? lol

    butty : Polis also u dare to play huh??? lol

    sing : wuah put me so high meh ?

    frost : knn beh tahan go tfk la lol

  9. Good one, Wingz! Muahahahaha!!!

  10. Anonymous7:13 pm

    WHUAAHAHHA brilliant la ...

  11. Anonymous11:56 pm

    Nabei..Lidat AhBeng "tank" running
    DRY liow !! 3 rounds beh tahan la.


  12. wahhahah kesian that fella - his my source of indie mp3s =P


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