29 April 2006

Sexual Gameshow Gone Very Wrong

A Game host pick up couples on the street and asked them very intimate kinda questions... 1st they put a headphone over your gf's/wife's ears then they will proceed to ask you several questions, after which they will ask your other half the same questions and compares the answer ....

its goes something lidis :

Host : When did you had sex recently
Man : Yesday
Host : With who?
Man : With my wife of coz...
Host : And where ?
Man : on the kitchen table ....

Ok now the wife's turn, same questions :

Host : When did you had sex recently
Woman : Yesday
Host : With who?
Woman : With my husband .....
Host : Where?
Woman : *stunned* Sorry I wont tell ....
Man : Honey, you can tell them, there is nothing to be ashame of! I told them alredi! now we just waiting for you to confirm it only!
Host : Ok lemme ask again ... "where?"

If you wanna know the answer .... u watch the video posted below yourself la!


Thanks to Cocka for the movie clip!


  1. wahahah aiyer...no wonder she dun wanna tell initally...lolzz

  2. that's so funny! lol!

  3. Anonymous2:20 pm

    sounds like a ripoff from a radio show blooper which got featured at ebaumsworld :p hehe

  4. in my poo?????

  5. Anonymous8:39 pm

    Kakakaka..Baik punya.!!

  6. Anonymous3:54 pm

    niamah..... ahahahahah


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