28 April 2006

Which One More Painful ?

Look at the below pikture then judge for yourself, which one more Hailat?!

HAHAHAHA!!! mahai our world hor what kinda hailat people also got lar!!! kanneh!!

This post were originally made by janicepa in Rojaks mia Forum, I put it here for you all to pounder upon la .... what is happening to our world now ?? *sigh*


  1. Anonymous7:57 pm

    wei rojakz, please la. this photo has been in existence for ages. now only u discovered. u abit like turtle la.

  2. the first pic damn hai lat. but i think it's kinda mod for the second one. lolz.

  3. Anonymous11:41 pm

    Both oso dem hailat.

  4. boob_omatic : diulo ... mch when did i ever said I will only post latest stuffs here huh? ya la u fast lar .. me oldman ledi mah diu!!!

    quick : knn u also going to the dark side ledi har ?

  5. **cocka singing Beatles "I want to hold your hand" to wingz**

  6. 3somes more nice wor!


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