12 April 2006

Star Wars in Hokkien

MCH!!!! everytime holiday also lidis!!! kambek to work sure like farking going to war lidat!!! ARGHHH!!!! Hou lan diu ahh !!!! NIAHMAHFULAT!!!! ok today no time to do long ass post so i present to you Mahfulat Hokkien Star Wars !!!!!

Video courtesy of Latuk Linpeh

Audio: stahwars.mp3
by wingz

If your browser is not showing anything then you can go directly to the Audio by clicking in this LINK


  1. Waat's next? Lock of the ling, hairy potter, julasick park. All in hokkien ?

  2. 5chanyoke : no ler my blog now lame liow ... peeple dunwan komen liow la ... sigh ... i think its bout time to pencen liow la

    linpeh : good suggestion! lol


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