3 April 2006

The Three Amigos - Rojaks Version

MCH!!!! Busy like fark ledi !!!! This one rush post if not funny dont flame 9 me!!!

Once Upon a time there are 3 Amigos (Amigo Cocka, Amigo Ahpek and Amigo 9393) from Mekhiko (Mexico la!). They are considered Hero back in Mekhiko land bcoz they are outlaw, they rob from the rich and give to the poor, kinda like Robin HOOT lidat la.

Then come one day all 3 of them kena ambush and were caught, they sentence were pass on the same day to avoid any attempt to rescue them.

The Policia Kapitan was kinda admiring them for their bravery and courage so instead of putting them thru death by bullets he gave them choices on how they would like their sentence would be. They can choose from these :

1. To be shot
2. To be hung
3. To be injected with the AIDS virus for a slow death.

Cocka Amigo was the courages one and he loud loud say "Shoot me right in the head."
*Bang!* (he was gone).

Then come 9393's turn he said "Just hang me." and he was lead to the hanging station and *Snap* he was dead too!

Finally it was Ahpek's turn, Ahpek said loudly "Gimme that AIDS injection!."

The Policia gave him the injection, right after the Polisi pull out the Ahpek start laughing like he just kena mad cow disese like that, Ahpek laugh untill rolling on the floor.

The Policia also puzzled why Amigo Ahpek behave like that suddenly Ahpek picked himself up and confront the Policia again.

"Gimme another AIDS injection!!" They Policia dun wanna argue with a death man so he granted his wish and gave him another injection, as the needle were pulled out Amigo Ahpek once again begin to laugh frantically while rolling on the floor.

Finally the Policia Kapitan beh tahan ledi he finally asked Amigo Ahpek "What is wrong with you? I just gave you 2 AIDS virus shots but you so happy like that!?"

Amigo Ahpek then reply "You Policia are so stupid!!! you think you can kill me with AIDS virus injection ???!!! I no Scared your AIDS VIRUS because I AM WEARING A CONDOM LAAA!!!!!"

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  1. Ok, kasi lu moral support.


    Eh sai boh?

  2. Anonymous4:55 pm

    wah liao eh, liddat oso can ah?!


  3. Kapitan! Quick! Remove Ahpek condom! ROTFLMAO!

  4. i must say that Amigo Ah Pek looks hensem in that outfit ;)

  5. akakakak.. still farny la.. really zhar dou

  6. ok la. can tahan la ! LOL!

  7. Your photoshop skill really getting terror lar!! lol

  8. Hahahaha, you all wrong lar, Ah Pek is invincheeble! He's my Oh-Kau Idol, anything also can be cured by drinking Oh-9 more!

  9. 9393 really look like a bandit. Muahahahah!!!!

  10. Ahpek : Aiks!!! u notchet dead!!!???

    pinkity: WTF = Who To Fark ?? lol

    5xmom : see jeh nid so fake mehhh

    laksa : can laaa cincai larr brader mah no kira wan lol

    5chanyoke : wuah want so evil meh ... Ahpek 5chanyoke wanna kill lu!!!

    quick : who to fark ???

    amigo ahpek wear what also hansem one la lol

    bullshit : mch i dunwan zhar 9 lu la!!! i not bekside mauturn mia kaki!! lol

    linpeh : mch tomlo how?!

    helen : my photoshop skill tipu makan only jek lol

    mob : ahpek is our Ohkau HEELOH!!!!

  11. cocka : kakaka th other one where he do ballet lagi lengjai !!!


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