2 April 2006

Ahpek on Change Your Life Style

Im coughing so bad that my lungs just flew outta my body! Someone told me its a sign of the flu is going away. The good news is the flu is going away and the bad news is the cough is gonna kill me now! diuuuuu!!!

Following the gomen's advice my buddy Ahpek is toking bout cutting cost starting with his entire household. So, he told his wife to reduce spending as much as possible (generally) but he didnt tell her exactly how.

Then the day after Ahpek send his wife to fetch him some cigarettes and his wife come back with some cigarette papers and a tin of tabacco. Ahpek was kinda tulan la ... Ahpek then ask his wife.

Ahpek : I ask u buy cigarettes mah why u goan buy cigarette papers and a tin of tabacco for me?
Ahpek's Wife (AW): Oi! you told me to cut spending wan mah! I count ledi, buy like this is cheaper and you getting more cigarette also!

Ahpek knot protest liow bcoz he is the one who ask his wife to cut spending but never tell her how, so quietly Ahpek acccepted his fate and begin to roll his own cigarettes.

*Then a few days after that Ahpek need to go to the pharmacy to get some viagra so he ask his wife :*

Ahpek : Lowpoh I wanna go pharmacy you want anything anot?
AW : Ya! get me a pack of tampon, I no more stock la.
Ahpek : OK!

*Ahpek arrived at the pharmacy and asked pharmacist for some viagra and tampon.*

Ahpek : Boss! gimme 2 dozen viagra and also 1 pack of tampon
Pharmacist : Boss viagra i can give you but tampon u kena goan take yourself la, its on the 2nd shelf to your left.
Ahpek : ok thanks

Ahpek walked to the shelf, picked up a box of tampon and look at the price. He then changed his mind, he put the box of tampon back and get something else instead. He pay for all the stuffs including viagra and headed back home.

*As he reached home his wife ask him to pass her the tampoon.*

AW : Lowkung, did you get my tampoon anot ?
Ahpek : Yea I did
AW : give it to me please I need to use it now.
Ahpek : Nahh *hands the whole plastic bag to AW*
AW : EHH!!! what is this ?? I asked u to get tampon what u got me?
Ahpek : Tampoon la!
AW : Where got tampoon here!!!
Ahpek : Tampon so expensive la!!! We agreed to cut our expenses ma! instead of regular tampon, i bought you a pack of cotton balls and a ball of strings, you goan roll your own tampon la! You can get more tampoon also this way!


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  1. more economic.. eh, you see doctor or not? issit dry cough or cough with phlem? how long already? got fever ar? itchy throat?

  2. thia : cough with green goey glu!!! thick thick wan!!! if throat itchy how to scratch har ? lol

  3. save cost! cannot be gooey! must thin it down with water so can get more phlegm!

  4. U got give ini recipi to Helen, Lilian and King's wife oso kah ? LOL!

  5. haha wingz.. u really funny lar..

  6. quick : mahai u more gross than me!!

    linpeh : eh maybe we can tok bout how to make your own tampoon on our lehlio show hor ?

    bull : wuahh u say lidat u mean lat time i not funny one lar only this time is "really" funny laa *zhar dou*

  7. I menopause liao, like desert, no need tampon, no need to talk behind my back oso.

    Oi, cipet - you take right antibiotic anot? green goo, needs antibiotic but must take the right one from the yellow goo. Hahaha, go ask sifu better la. If not I kill you with aunty-buy-your-dick.

  8. Hakka diao!
    *smacks my head on the table edge, damn funny! i nearly laughed till my intestines came out from my mouth! :P

  9. Reminds me of a song.....

    "rich girl wear a sanitary napkin
    the poor girl use cloth strips,
    But Dinah she wears nothing at all
    she lets it drip and drip...."

  10. "TAI LIN NGONG!"
    old auntie cannot use tampon lah! chibai too loose. keeps dropping out.

  11. If u know how we can make tampons, do post it. Those tampons are blardy expensive .... lol


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