19 April 2006

Ah Pek's wife has no more excuse

One night, before sleeping, Ah Pek went into the bathroom and god knows what he was doing in there. 1/2 an hour later, he emerged from the bathroom naked. With a big smile on his face, he quickly crawled into the bed and told his wife.. "Lou por.. tonite I wan what what with u lar.. u want ar?"

Ah Pek doesn't know what is wrong with his wife. Everytime he makes such a request, his wife will definitely give him the same excuse which is HEADACHE. That night is no exceptional lar.. Ah Pek's wife told him that she has headache and wanna sleep already.

She was about to put down the magazine that she was reading before and get all ready to sleep when Ah Pek stopped her..

"Look lou por.. It's perfectly alright even if you have a headache today."

His wife was damn puzzled so she asked Ah Pek why did he say so.

"Because hor. just now hor.. when I was in the bathroom right.. I powdered my penis with aspirin. So hor.. now hor.. it's up to you to take it orally or as a suppository. Either way it will cure you headache."


  1. LOL, can have it in syrup oso. LOL, Rojakz you can retire ledi. Crazygrrl enuff funny liao.

  2. Anonymous12:50 am

    Hahahaha..Lidat pity Ah Pek lol..

    Ask Ah Pek if had enough aspirin anot??

  3. No wonder Ah Pek always go Thailand lah.

  4. Anonymous8:21 am

    ...and not to mention always berpantun humsup to release his frust. LOLLLL

  5. Wah. Geng ar..New method to take aspirin.

  6. Ji BET!
    what if my lou por got sore throat? rub a lot of those sore throat mints on my kkc ah?

  7. Anonymous9:23 am

    haha, good one!

  8. Cocka - U bocor ah pek secret, after he fark you! Didn't ah pek always say he go to Thailand for prayers??

    Crazygirl - if like that hor, those patient who have phobia about injection got alternative liao! All they have to do is to take their medcine to Ah Pek, and for a minimum charge, ah pek will help dispense the medicine orally or suppositorily to them. Waaa, like that Ah Pek is a certified dispenser liao!

  9. lol good one! i think i can retire ledi ... :P

  10. firstly i wonder what ah pek will do with that powder...

  11. are you that's safe? no side effect kar?

  12. Anonymous4:34 am

    Aspirin powder in a pack also can get, ah pek is really geng chau ! :D


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