7 April 2006

The CLEO 50 Most Eligible Bachelor - Vote for me!!!!

I was reading THIS post here by my see jeh 5xmom which eventually lead me to HERE! Then I browse browse around la ... after reading most of the answers provided by those lengjai I think think i also can do alot better than them la! SO I also wanna be one of the CLEO MOST ELIGIBLE BACHELOR 2006 also! If i know its so easy to become the most eligible bachelor hor erly erly I also register ledi la! Answer a few questions only so easy!!! Every Ahbeng and Ahseng also can be most eligible bachelor!!!

Ok this is my answer to their questionarie, u guys judge and see whether my answer is the best anot lar!!!! VOTE ME WEI!!! *MAKE PISS SIGN* *MAKE PEACE SIGN*

BACHELOR NO. : 1,188,967
NAME : Bobby Pat Leong Gum a.k.a. Wingz
OCCUPATION : Gold Digger
AGE : 32
FAVE HANGOUT : Rumah Urut Kiew Kiew
TALENT : I got Sexy Mole!
Hey! ID : vehleelengjai11967

1.A Woman is most beautiful when …
She is with someone as hansem as me lar!! aiyo lidat so easy also wanna ask!!!

2.Being successful to me means…
Got big big Gold necklace to wear and big big mercedes to drive and got many many chicks dig kaw me BEST!!!

3.The nicest thing a woman’s ever said about me is
Tenkiuberymuch for your big tips, next time i throw in "extra" service ok hansem ?

4.Men make the worst
Lover, thats why they created Brother Wai a.k.a. Viagra! WUAHAHAHA!!!

5.Which reality show would you like to be on?
Amedika's Next Top AhBeng!!

6.Three most important things in my bag
Pregnancy Prevention Pills, Sanitary Pad with Wingz and Prengnancy Test Kit! eh what you mean not my gf's bag? I thot you asking me bout my gf's bag la! I where got carry bag wan geh!!! U think I bryanboy meh!!! diu!!! Where got Mahlartlow bring handbag wan!!! sohai Questions!

7.I know she’s special when
She digs her nose in the public or there is thing bulging out of her groin when she wear tight tight miniskirt ? WUAHAHAHAAHA!!! mch i m kinky ok! knot ar ??

8.What were you teased about as a child?
My hairstyle and my sexy mole, I know they are just jeles bcoz i m more hansem-er than they are!!!

9.What scares you?
Bloody sanitary pads !!!! Dont belif me? Even ghost and bad spirit also scared of bloody sanitary pads ok!!!! Thats what the bomoh use to chase the bad spirit away! LMAO!!

10.If I could trade places with a man for a day, I’d pick…

Ang Lee! then I change the storyline of the movie "Brokeback MauTurn!" Replace one of the faggot with a chun chicks so the future generation will not be corrupt further!

11.Describe your date from hell.
Someone who looks like Charmaine Sheh (HK actress la!) but at the end of the day turn out to be a MAN!!EEWWW!!!! No I m not toking from sexperience here!

12.A Wife-beater is...
A device someone created after they created the eggs beater, i mean you gotta be fair here right anot? Eggs beater obviously is gonna be used on a male so you gotta make a wife beater on female mah!! Huh ? what you mean eggs beater are not suppose to be use lidat ??? *sweating*

13.What is an antimacassar?
You heard of a country call Madagascar anot? NO! not the cartoon la its the country! you see, in Madagascar got this group of ppl who anti gomen wan, kira like terrorist also la ... this group of militant are called AntiMadagascar but bcoz when they 1st 1st started the group that time their leader no skool wan so instead of AntiMadagascar he spelt it as antimacassar lor!!!! lidat also u derno meh !!!! CHEH!!!

Malaysia CLEO Top Bachelor Peace Sign


UPDATE : Right after I posted this entry I was told by a buddy of mine that I was nominated for Laksa Top 10 Male and Female Blogger .... tok about coincident!!!!



  1. tampon with wingz. lolz. Chap pat leong kam.

  2. vote ledi!! ah beng is the best!! lol

  3. oi wrong picture la...

    can kena sue wei lol

  4. Anonymous1:16 am

    so weird. earlier i nominated u here




  5. Anonymous2:09 am

    Wingz Bolehhhhh..Hurray..Hurray..

    Ooii..Computer screen shows sign of cracking liow. lol

  6. Wingz....fuyoh! you damn hensem leh!
    You went for botox ah?

  7. Hahaha! I like how you hang out at Kiew Kiew as that's like the only place I always notice in Bukit Bintang throughout the years. But no rumah tumpangan lar - that one is rumah urut kiew kiew.

    P/s u too handsome to make it to cleo lar - those people don't have taste there.

  8. so hensem meh? you did something to your face is it?

  9. so handsome .... LOL!
    the mole on the chin is so sexy


  10. Ah wingz,of course can help u make logo. hehe. Long time no see coz move from Kuching to PJ. lolz. Recently just can online nia. lolz.

  11. can i have a bucket please

  12. I will vote for you...100%. Oh no! 200%! But don't know where to vote!!!!

  13. I call all my cheemuis in the market and hampalang vote for you. LOL, I haven't had a good laugh for a few days, until now.

  14. jayus : tampon with wingz how to insert la kakakaka

    scb : ya la i still remember when u 1st bring me to rumah tumpangan kiew kiew lolol

    5chanyoke : lengjai lehhhh ....

    crazygrrl : tenkiu i lebiuu!!!

    reta : why why wrong picture kena sue ??? -_-"""

    Decypher : hengdai! tenkiu for nominating lengjai ppl like me wuahahahahaha

    acetone118: U got sapto me anot!!?? u got vote for me anott???!!!!

    cocka : shh dont so loud!!! they say my ass not round enuff so i botox my ass la! lol botox my buntut

    boo_licious : u also love to hang out in kiewkiew too??!!! wuah we geng la! when u going again? lol

    butty : mch i born that time alredi lengjai lidis no nid change the face arrangement one!!!

    linpeh : wuah you my real brader!!! wah caya sama lu!

    moon : wuah u r the only chick who noticed my sexy mole~~~ ... nx time i meet you i let u play with my sexy mole ok? lol!

    boss stewie : vote for me you must!!!!

    foodcraze : apasal mau bucket??? i know lar u jeles i so hansem !!! lol

    maverick : lokter wuah lu also vote for me!! i fehmes la ini majiam!!! wuahahahaha

    justsomeguy : u not hansem wor ... u lenglui oni mah ... i like your hairstyle lol!

    5xmom : mch see jeh u dont con 9 me la u voted for jeremy C only where got vote for me la!!! lol

  15. tampon with wingz, instructions:-
    1.take off wrapper
    2.put head in
    3.Use wingz to fly.
    Easy steps as easy as 1,2,3 and blood will get suck by wingz. =X lolz. :X

  16. Anonymous8:25 pm

    Wei u need not to despise faggot u tahu. Ia nya about freedom to express ur feeling u know. I love ang lee work and i would have voted you in 50 least lelaki bercaliber.


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