15 April 2006

Rich Dad, Poor Dad ......

Rich dad goes to heaven, Poor dad queue in line. Cruel but True!

Doc : 3 artieries blocked, 2 of it collapsed and another one was blocked by clogged blood. all blockage more than 90% should proceed with operation ASAP.
Me : What options do we have Doc ?
Doc : Either balloon or by-pass but if balloon no gerenti one, after a while it will come back also so i recomend by-pass.
Me : How much whole the whole operation be?
Doc : Thats about 40k for surgery itself excluding others charges
Me : All in how much we should get ready?
Doc : Get Ready around 50-60k la and you have to pay it upfront.
Me : Are your fees negotiable ?
Doc : No sorry its not negotiable
Me : What if we transfer my dad to gomen hospitals like IJN and HUKM?
Doc : Your dad conditions are rather critical, the longer you wait the higher the risk and places like IJN n HUKM have a lllooooonnnggggg waiting list so the choice is entirely up to you la.
Me : You mean they do not give priority to more severe patients first ?
Doc : No, well ... unless you could get some influential people to recomend you la, then maybe you could cut down the waiting time.
Me : What kinda people would you consider as influential ?
Doc : Well, if you know someone from MCA, they could help you.

Influential people, influential people, where are thou??

Anyone here know anybody whois influential enough to get my oldman abit nearer to the operation table? *sigh*


  1. Anonymous7:09 pm

    one of my relatives did the balloon thingi coz she's afraid of major surgery wan.after a few months,the arteries/vessel kena blocked again.so she went for bypass.she's doing welll now.been years since her op.

    goodluck and take care!

  2. Anonymous7:00 am

    cannot recomand by the doc meh?? or others doc who work there?? i think it will help lo...(just a suggestion lo)

    take care ya!!!

  3. you don't need to know them. just go and see them. if you can find them that is.
    But i heard IJN give priority to seroius cases like your father. But you must bring him there. If after checking, they find that he can't wait, they will aloow him first.
    And don't trust too much those specialist doctors. They are businessman first and doctors second.
    But i think i'm making things worse by making suggestions here. I'm sure you have receive lots of contradicting sugesstions. Every one thinks they are the experts.
    Take care bradder.

  4. Someone's life is at stake here and that doctor sounded like he was some kind of salesperson. What about the oath that doctors take? *sigh* I hope the doctor/surgery thing will work out for your dad

  5. Anonymous10:33 am

    if ur dad's case is serious , the gomen hosp will not wait la ( tak takut kena sue ke?)...even in IJN oso u have to pay a lot , half gomen oni , tat one...get a referral to IJN instead of private hospital..tho u have to pay but not as much as the private one..if it's 90% block , better bypass oni , forget angioplasty..anyway, good luck... my prayers are with u..

  6. Anonymous12:42 pm

    What eve said is right..serious case comes first. All the best wingz.

    My prayers are with u too.

  7. You need to get a referal to IJN.. They are pretty good. Although there is waiting period..emergency cases do have priority.
    take care..
    god bless

  8. Anonymous3:30 pm

    hey ya..

    you dont actually need influential people u know.

    My dad went for a bypass in 2004..
    4 blockages!..
    my dad went for the op in Penang GH...
    you might want to look into it..Penang docs are good..and the care given to my dad was exceptional..
    stayed in the hospital for almost 2weeks..and the bill came to less than 1K..yes..1k~!!

    all the best

  9. Anonymous4:26 pm

    you can try sarawak general hospital? They have new machines and qualified doctors from UK. Should be open to all Malaysians prb less queue there. Plus govt hospital board rates. Airasia quite cheap now.

  10. wingz-si ah...

    hope your dad's condition is better. take care, ok? you, your dad, and your family.

  11. hope all is worked out and that your dad gets the possible care and treatment.

  12. My mom had a heart valve surgery a few years back. It hit us hard (physically, emotionally and financially). The surgery was done in a private hospital in KL.

    I understand how you feel Mr Wingz. All the best to you and your father.

  13. Anonymous2:12 am

    Dunno if this helps but two years ago my best friend suffered a major heart attack. he checked into HUKM but the specialists there weren't fast enough. we transfered the fella to GleanEagles where he underwent an angioplasty within 48 hours. However, after two weeks his heart rate was still irregular (as a result of the heart attack). They couldn't take care of that and subsequently referred him to IJN where my buddy got a pacemaker...

    my point is those fellas at GleanEagles can refer patients directly to IJN but they will make their quick buck first. so watch it!

    Bill came to 45k for angio in GlenEagles and 30k for pacemaker op in IJN.

    All the best!

  14. Anonymous3:41 pm

    dont trust to the specialist doctors.tats true that they want money 1st.the government hospital not that bad.even the cost in government hospital can negotiatable.if u wanna know more..i will let u know.

    excatly last year,my father was given priority for surgery in hospital universiti malaya.but not for heart..under brain surgery...cos the case was first in malaysia and tenth in the world.abnormal case....

    i saw many cases in hospital...the government hospital not that bad but the nursing i canot guarantee....wish u good luck n all the best....may god bless yur family

  15. Anonymous5:10 pm

    juz talked to my fren, a surgeon. Wif many blockages >50%, bypass is the only option. U have many frens here n all the avenues should be explored.
    Best wishes to ur dad.


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