14 April 2006

And The Winners Are .........

Soli for being late, cant help it ... my oldman go for scope in Gleneagle and I was accompanying him ..... scope results shown got 3 blocked arteries :( ...... anyone can recomend any Cardiologist in HUKM anot? Tenkiu in advance!

Ladies and Genitalmen,

I thought 4 tickets and 2 winners is a little bit too little for Rojaks Virgin contest, So our seponsor Cinema.com.my has agreed to increase the number of tickets 8 tickets n 4 winners!!! Hows cool is that ??!!! Also many thanks to my favourite Fast & Furious Chick - LMF for the sponsorship too.
So next time you wanna catch a movie logon to Cinema.com.my !!!!

Without further "aduh" ... and the WINNERS is !!!!

The below 2 winners will receive 2 tickets each to the movie "The Wild" at TGV Sunway on the 17th April Monday 2006. 9:50pm

Author : Buaya69
Blog : http://buaya69.blogspot.com

Author : Kenneth Loo
Blog : http://chubikia.blogspot.com/

The below 2 winners will receive 2 tickets each to the movie "Shes The Man" at GSC Midvalley on the 19th April Wednesday 2006. 9:00pm

Author : Seng Kor
Blog : http://whatcraps.blogspot.com

Author : Ms TITOKI

Winners please email me with details (Name, I.C. Number and telephone numbers) of the yourself of the person who is going to watch the movie

All tickets are courtesy of Cinema Online. For more free tickets & prizes, showtimes, reviews and news logon to www.cinema.com.my


  1. Woohoooo!!! I won!!! ;p Thanks for the tickets!!!

    congratulations to the winners

  3. LOL, the best is SengKor!

    Congrats to all the winners!

  4. Konkekyoulasion to all the winners !

  5. wingz ah, who picked the winners? You or the sponsors???

    oh yeah, congratulations everyone!

  6. Anonymous1:14 am

    Congratulations to all winners!!
    Those who didn't get the tickets -
    You all did Well too.

    The answers are just fabulous and wonderful !!

  7. Congrats to all you tree-fetish winners. make sure when you stick your dick in that hole, there's no kerengga nest. LOL

  8. Now got to go and crack Linpeh's code. Tiu....damn tough wan.

  9. Anonymous12:21 pm

    NoooooOOOOOOoooo! My efforts wasted! Argh !!!! *sobs*

    Anyway, congrats to the winners. :p

  10. wings, u still owe me 1 of the winners name la

    u say call me but never call also.

    *shall your old-pa get well soon.
    go talk to epf la.


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