7 April 2006

Fruits and Trees Instead of Birds and Bees

Have you heard about a fehmes much tok about and upkambing play call "ROJAK!"?? Well you are in luck! Kambek again later in the afternoon where I will be telling you guys more about it! If you loves comedies you should be able to appreciate this play. Stay tuned for more infos!!!

Ahbeng and Ahlian has been married for 20+ yrs ledi by now both of them also in their 50s ... so one day they sat down like usual to have their dinner ......

Ahbeng is at the dinner table with his wife Ahlian and their son (Lobert) and daughter (Lulu) whois in their teens, suddenly Lobert ask Ahbeng, “oi oldman! I curious hor …. How many kinda nenens are there in this world ar ?”

Ahbeng think think for a while then he give Lobert his wise answer

Ahbeng : there is 3 kinda nenens in this world, in the 20’s a girl nenens is like a melon ROUND and FIRM! In their 30s and 40s its like pears, still NICE and JUICY but SAGGING abit ledi la … then the last one is after 50s their nenens is like ONIONS.

Lobert : Onions ??? Why Onions ??

Ahbeng : Yes Onion, bcoz if look at them long enuff it will make u cry….
Lobert :

This conversation makes Ahlian and Lulu tulan ledi, so in retaliation Lulu asked her mum :

Lulu : Ahmah, how many types of jiao jiao is there in this world?

Ahlian : Well doter, lets see … a man in his 20s is like an oak tree STRONG, POWDERFOOL and HARD! Then there is man in theirs 30s and 40s which is like a birch FLEXIBLE but still RELIABLE

Lulu : then after that is what ?

Ahlian : After that would be like your dad whois in his 50s, he is like a Christmas tree!!!

Lulu : Ah ?? Christmas tree ???? why Christmas tree Ahmah?

Ahlian : Because they are dead from the root up and their balls are just for decoration purposes only!!!


  1. LOL. 50yrs old = X'mas tree with balls are for decoration?!
    Nowaday got 'Bro Wai aka Viagra' ma..not so early dead..

    Lucky I'm still in my 20s, strong and hard.Wahahaha

  2. old but reliable, slow but usable!

  3. Anonymous11:26 am


  4. wingz, are you teasing ah pek tai kor?

  5. How come no rubber tree wan?
    why? because the latex looks like sperm wat.

  6. Anonymous1:41 pm

    haha..siao si ngai lor..mm koi ngi..

  7. wakakaka... I like what ah pek said: old but reliable; no doubt slow but usable.... great ah pek!

  8. Ahahahahahah~ Nice one. =D

  9. Hoi! Cocka who you wanna lie? Latex is 100% white. Sperm is a bit transparent. Unless you got some VD la.

  10. Anonymous9:37 am

    huahahaha... a gud 1 man... looking forward to read ur blog...

    keep it up!~!~!

  11. muahahaha... this is my first visit here, & you got the first real laughter out from me today!!! And it's half an hour before midnite... looking forward to reading your blog!!! *2 thumbs up*


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