11 April 2006

Lin Dynasty Chapter 20 : Jai Toking (Vegetarian Talking)

WTF WEI!!! cibai firefox detect dunno what what fark popup and closed itself!!! and all my story is gone!!! ARGHHH!!!!! this is the 2nd version, 1st version dunno go where da fark ledi!!! poohkeyayam!!!! mch!!!!

Before we go further, do you know that there are 10 yrs missing from this story alredi ? I bet some of you are aware of that, for those who derno what i m toking bout refer to chapter 3 in 5xmom's blog.

Chapter 2 ended with this ....
"Liong Sick and Kick Siang! Look! What's that ah?" He asked, while pulling the object out of the bushes. He promptly screamed as he noticed droplets of blood clinging to his fingers...

Then chapter 3 begin with this....

10 years have passed…

Lin Peh is now 16 years old. He stays with Untie Helen whilst all his brothers have gone to stay on their own. The day when Untie Lin stabbed to death her lover was the day Lin Peh’s life screwed up.

Go HERE to read all the chapters from chapter 1 till chapter 19

So lemme be the chosen one to tell you what actually happened in those 10 years, before that lets take a look at what our sponsor got to say first. Over to our sponsors :

Axe Brand Wind Oil!

Canto : Tau Tung, Tau Warn, Sun Hing, Lan harn, chee buy harn, Seng Mou nang cheng yung Foo Tau Piu Fung Yau la!

Malayu: Kapla Sakit, Kapla Pening, Badan Panas, cipap gatal, Konek Gatal, Konek Tak naik sila pakai Minyak Angin Cap Kapak la!

Yingrish : Head Pain, Head Spin, body hot, kok itchy, cipap itchy, impotent please use Axe Brand Wind Oil la!

Welcome back to the story, where were we just now huh? oh yah the 10 missing years. WHAT ? what do you mean its not call wind oil in yingrish? if not call wind oil then call what? mch you wanna listen to story anot wan? if u want to listen then diam diam la! diu!

kambing back to our story .... Linpeh were traumatised after he picked up the carcass of the kucing from the bush and a few days later he were sent to the hospital bahagia for further rehabilitation. This is the time where Linpeh made the most of, he made many frends among the inmates and made several major outstanding achievements throughout his stay in hospital bahagia.

Linpeh was the youngest basket who managed to paint the entire 4 side of walls in his cells with feces before he was caught and put into straightjacket, the nearest attempt by another inmate prior to linpeh he was only able to do half a wall before they caught him. The record is still intact until today, no one seems to be able to break it.

Linpeh was also responsible for the death of Taoyun, Taoyun whois in his 50s wet his pant one day and somehow linpeh succesfully convinced Taoyun to hang himself to dry by the rope which were tied to the ceiling fan. The warden discovered Taoyun several hours later dried and pretty dead. Somehow no one dare to attempt that trick ever again.

Inmates were given white bun as breakfast every morning in their cells, linpeh saw this as a good oppurtunity to put his waste to good use. You see linpeh were sharing this cell with another ding-dong call Lowmei who got into hospital bahagia to curb his addiction for Mcd Burger but seing how misery it was for Lowmei linpeh developed a plan to help him and put his waste to good use, he made him fecesburger and also succesfully convinced him to consume his fecedburger for a whole bloody year untill the poor man cant take it no more and thus no more addicted to burger anymore! This is another record which linpeh still hold till today

Due to Linpeh many outstanding achievements linpeh was awarded inmates of the year 2 years in a row, the award was presented by Hospital Bahagia Dilekter YB Super-maniam. In his speech YB complimented Linpeh on his originality and foresee that linpeh is gonna capable of many big thing in the future. That of coz made linpeh's lampar grow alot bigger la.

About a month after the award presentation linpeh managed to convinved the hospital that he is fit to be released into the society again and after several tests the hospital let him go free. before he leave he say byebye to all the inmates and promised to keep in touch.

Wanna know what happened to linpeh after he got outta hospital bahagia? stay tuned!! we take a break for commercial first!

Indian God Oil

Canto : Yaudou Sun yau, mm tan jee hor yee G choy, jung hor yee lor lei jou Oi!

Malayu : Minyak Ajaid India, bukan sekadar untuk memasak, tapi boleh digunakan untuk beromen jugak!

Yingrish : Indian God Oil, not only delicious for cooking, but also good for farking!
Why not viagra ? Haaaalooo! we are now doing flashback lar!! where is your sense of time ??? at that time viagra not yet invented ok!! now lets get back to our story ...

Linpeh stayed with Helen (his oldman's mistress) while his oldman was doing his time enjoy some anal-ysing in Pudu jail and from there he plot his next step in building his own evil empire, he has been secretly recruiting all the inmates who has been released from hospital bahagia without anyone's knowledge. Nobody knew anything about this, not even Helen or niahma or unke Lin.

Among linpeh favourite recruit are this man by the name of 9393, he is a well known assasin with a thing for ballet dancing ..... little do niahma or helen knows that this 9393 will be their blackstar (Haksing) in the later days .... *drumroll* cheng cheng cheennnggg!

to be continue ........ (mch not by me lar of coz! by some other basket! later i ask linpeh and see who notchet write wan 1st)

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  1. Anonymous5:49 pm

    Who is continuing la? lol.

  2. LOL, turn into comedy liao. Clever you, flashback and saves you from reading Chapter 1 to 19! Wonder who nochet take over. I know WUCHING!!!!!!

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    LOOOOL. got advertisement samore! wahhaha

  4. ok, I lafu you and the foong yau advertisements too!! LOL

  5. LOL, btw, you can use some firefox extensions to prevent losing data when crash happens, it'll save the session and restore it everytime firefox has to restart itself, sort of like how the opera browsers work, if you had used that before. I use this extension called 'tab mix plus', it got the session saver functionality in it, plus some other nifty thing to do with tab browsing, try it


  6. linpeh tht time veli young also kena go hospital bahagia? summor play shit.. lol.. we all lafu rojaks!!

  7. wahlaoueh they got pay you money is it??

    i read until blur already the story

  8. gbyeow : mch i also derno .. how to know who notchet write ar ?

    5xmom : ssshhh dun say so loud lol ... i read all 19 chapters la but my yingrish too shallow la i catch no balls and i lost track of all the character also knn lucky u got left a 10yrsgap for me to masuk la kakakaka!!

    decypher : ya lar mch abit macam adsense la lol

    KW: u love me more or fung yao more laaaa

    crazygrrl: i lafu yew too!!!

    andy : thanks for the tips!

    seng kor : wuah that one is linpeh darkest secret la!!! but its not too late to know la

    reta : dun say u lar .. i also blur lol!

  9. Its very thoughtful of you to translate ur ad into 3 language. Very muhibbah ad. hahahhaa

  10. Andy - i installed the extension. TQ oso.

  11. Lojak writting chapter 20 meaning 20 fuckers oledi write. (just refer lor). U can just pass to whoever notchet write lor. U can check my blog mia sidebar for all the authors.

  12. I larfu your shit story


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