13 April 2006

"The Wild" Rojaks Movie Contest [Note : This is a sticky post, for new post pls scroll down]

Rojaks Daily 1st Authentic Contest WITH PRIZE!!! no this time im not Joking! All prize sponsored by cinema.com.my

We at Rojaks always try our best to give more to our readers, we once tried to ask for special room rtes from Tiara Beach Resort, Port Dickson but we have been told that they will "think" about it and they had been thinking ever since.....

But fear not! Today or rather on the 17th april 2006, Rojaks Daily is sending you go see movie! Make that you and your boipren or gerpren or gaypren or lespren suma also can but can only bring one fler only.

The Premier Show of "The Wild" A Disney Movie. Animation fans be prepared to feast your eyes!!!

Date, Time and Location :
17 APRIL 2006 Monday 9:50PM TGV SUNWAY

Yea, the screening is in Sunway Pyramid KL but folks from outta town can still join this contest bcoz if you won you can give the prize to your frends n relatives in KL too, the ticket are transferable ok no problem there!


Rules & Regulations
  1. Open to Everyone in Malaysia, except Rojaks Crews.
  2. In less than 30 words, fill in the thoughts bubble of what might be the man thinking
  3. 2 Funniest entry will be pick as the Winner of this contest and they will receive 2 tickets each to the movie mentioned above.
  4. Entries must be sent in by email(s) to rojaks.wingz@gmail.com, entries posted in the comment section will not be considered as a legit entry and will not be enter into the contest. Please also include your handphone/telephone number, name or blog's url (if you have a blog) in the email so we can contact you and make arrangement to send you the tickets.
  5. You can send in as many entries as you like (buden dun spam my mailbox la)
  6. All emails should reach us by, 5pm on the 13th April 2006 (Thursday) and the Winners will be announce on the next day (14th April 2006) by noon time.
  7. All decision are final and no amount of begging would change our mind ... well maybe we would response to bribery but certainly not begging!!! lol!
  8. All entries will (or not) be publish in Rojaks Daily after the Contest ends together with the Blog's url of the participant (If he/she is a blogger la)
  9. Errr ... brain dead liow ... later i think of anything only i add la kakakakakakaa!!! .....

What you waiting for ???? Start cranking your brain lar wei!!!!

All tickets are courtesy of Cinema Online. For more free tickets & prizes, showtimes, reviews and news logon to Cinema.com.my

Entries Counts : 16 Entries received so far.



  1. Wingz, apa tu??!! Look like cow horn. But no c da eye and nose aso..

    Wats dat..Tis Young fella duno wats dat la....:P

    If look carefully, look like a baby gal spread her leg wide waiting to change diaper nia..

  2. what contest is this? guess the identity of the specky guy ah?

  3. Lin Peh think dis is DIY contest. Sendiri set the rule and sendiri answer. But prizes from lajak ! Butut kah ?

  4. caption writing contest?

    'ayoh. this ah. maybe waiting for an elephant trunk to....'

  5. Anonymous12:05 pm

    congrats, dude - you made the list of nominees for my Top 10 list!

  6. ladies n genitalmen boys and girls ...

    I screwed up ledi kakaka mch i thot upload the pic first and save as draft then tomlo only come to opis n edit ... mana tau instead of "save draft" i goan press "publish post" wuahahahaha jialat!!

  7. I thot u got fetish to bang trees liao. Cool bro, take a cold shower if the urge is too strong.

  8. where you get all these pics? You sure hebuh lah!!!

  9. Anonymous3:29 pm

    I voted for you. :p

  10. The caption is: "KNN! Hai Latt lor!" and u better let Lin Peh win ! cause Lin Peh plan to go the show with Ah May as my date ;-)

  11. Dude~! you are good lar...

  12. ee...looks like CB got VD! hahaha! LOL!

  13. King's wife very good at chopping down trees wan. just make sure your kkc is not in there when she does so.

    Lim Peh....you damn chi koh pek! LOL


    Har..... dont know this cipap as smelly as wingz or not leh...

  15. Caption bubble:-
    "Elephant mia vagina, whole too big, no syok. See got other animals or not..."

    Wingz, u know about the new malaysian law garmen wanna approve wan anot? The law about no holding hands, hugging and kissing in public coz muslim country. Only can hold hands if is family or spouse. Now they debating. lolz.

  16. cocka....chi koh pek ? sama sama la ! LOL!

  17. Wingz, do u have Yahoo messenger?? Alert alert, if u do, don't open any message about your frens sending u url to view their pics. The url is Yahoo mia... but when you enter ur Yahoo password, there is nothing. This could be a ploy to again access to your yahoo mails and friends' email address.

    Take care!!

  18. Anonymous10:41 pm

    Wingz, At last u found something baik punya sitting "kangkang"?? Dun look too long lol.

    Afterwards kena red eyes LOL.

  19. Anonymous2:19 pm

    Wei, when you gonna put up the entries lar. Spread the joy!


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