21 April 2006

Cocka and his Confession

I actually dunno whether i still have it in me to tell funny craps anot, today Im a lil bit relieved when I knew bout SCB's conditions is improving but on the other hand i had a terrible experienced trying to get co-operation from the 2 Doctors (one in IJN and another in Gleneagle) to talk to each other regarding my father's conditions *sigh* ... anyway lemme give it a shot ok? pulez dun fark me if its not funny ...

Today I wanna tell you about Mr. Cocka-doodle, not much people knew about this but cocka used to be a drunkard when he was young. That time he will drink from day to dawn and always return home pissed drunk one.

Then come one day he is more drunk than usual, during the walk home he lost his way and dunno why he ended up in a church.

After he enter the church dunno how he managed to get into the confession box and sit down quietly ..... upon seing cocka entering the confession box a Priest also take his place in the box next to him la.

After the Priest waited for 15 minutes also cocka dint say a thing, the Priest thot cocka shy la so he decided to give him more time .... anoder 15 minutes passed still cocka dint say a word.

The Priest dont wanna sound rude so he "coughed" to tell cocka that he is still there waiting for his confession .... unfortunately, that dint work too cocka still dint say a word.

The Priest waited for anoder 15 minutes and this time he beh tahan alredi ..... the Priest knocked on the wall 3 times to get cocka's attention and finally it worked .... cocka begins to mumbles ...

The Priest still cant catch what hes saying bcoz cocka is mumbling ... so the Priest said :

Priest : Pardon me but can you speak louder so that I can hear you clearly ?
cocka : I said! you knock on my door also no use la!!! I been looking for half an hour liow! my side here also no toilet paper la!!!


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  1. oh my goddess!
    what did cocka do in that confession room?

    btw it funny!

  2. lol!! confession box ada toilet bowl 1 kah?

  3. MUahaha hope the next day is not Sunday. If it is, all the church goer will suffocate or toxicated with beered shit. Hahaa XD....

  4. you all mistaken already! cocka not shitting, that fella wanking and need some tissue to wipe off his juice!

  5. ah pek, that explains why the priest did not smell shit from next door!

  6. ...and a loud voice boom from above...Cocka...you are banish to hell. "thou shalt not wank" Commandment number 13

  7. pisang : tenkiu la .. but see lar only 6 komens ... i know i sucks liow .. better retire now .. if not later noone read lagi malu!!

    crazy : tarak toilet bowl ler .. the fler mabuk ledi then he ... wat wat lorrr

    raymond : other than shit there are still some other activities that requires us to use toilet paper also one worrr lol

    ahpek : bingo!

    wuching : haha u also agree hor ?

    5xmom : skali god missed then the priest pulak kena lol

  8. Anonymous5:40 pm

    choy..choy..wipe juice in that confession box??

  9. Niamah!! NowI become the butt of your joke ah? tiu......!!!

    Good joke by the way. Muahahahaha!!!

  10. wah that cocka shit damn long rite? 45 minutes shitting, the asshole sure spilt kang kang!

    how come no fart sound? was it a silent killer? luckily the priest didn't faint.

  11. that's hilarious ... I hope you don't run to a confession room to shit!!!!
    Naughty boy!!!!

  12. rofl
    Thats a funny one.
    Wiping juice in a confession box


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