18 April 2006

Save a life! Join Voice For a Cause

Many should have known by now a blooger, SCB (Lisa) gone into coma since 8th April and after a few other bloggers visited her they told me that she is responding to sounds and voices.

Linpeh came out with this wonderful idea, why dont we all record our message in the computer whether it is wave or mp3 format then send it to him at xymalaysia@yahoo.com

Please help us, we wanna play it to her when we go visits her at Gleneagle Hospital and hope all our voices will makes a big differences! Make this world a better place! please help our friend! Join our VOICE for A CAUSE Campaign please!!!!!!!!!

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  1. No problem! But I can do it only later tonite, when every kid oi-oi. When you all need it ah?

  2. Thanks Tan Sri ! The idea not my own original. LP called me all the way from melaka and gave me the idea wan. Please note.

  3. Aarrghh! I'm technologically backward. Got no recording device on my PC. Could someone, anyone print out and read out to her the comments on her blog when they visit so she gets to hear everyone?

  4. Anonymous2:15 pm

    I'm definitely in..!
    Bless you ..!!


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