2 April 2006

Rojaks Collection of Weird Facts

I installed a new plugin that tells me where are Rojaks readers kambing from, of coz to me its a cool festure la if not i install it for what? Buden other than cool I also found it amusing, read on to know why.

Do you know that Our country have weird name for places, ie. :

1. Kampong Bukit Mati ??? (Death Hill Village) Wuah!!! this place definitely got very good feng shui wan!!! Where izzit anyway ??

2. Kampong Sungai Pening ??? (Headache River village) LOL!! Panadol sure is the best selling medicine there!!! What a Curse!

Do you think we have a place call Kampung KongKek or Taman KongKek anot?

Another wonderfool discovery made by Rojaks Daily!

*Update : this new plugin sucks! its not giving real time infos, its not updating everytime someone come here and its blardee lazy! *2 middle fingers down!*


  1. Anonymous3:42 am

    wings i love u!

  2. ok this is new! but its now 2nd of april alredi!!!!! u r late by a few hours la! better luck next year ok! :)

  3. Kuala Kubu Hidup Baru.

    Kuala Kurang-sa

    Kampung Pisang (no bananas but prostitute only)

    Kampung Gajah (no elephant; some monkeys)

    Taman Rojak Wingz (at Tampoi)


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