5 April 2006

Weird Chinese Surname - Wan

MCH!!! why are they so many knn salesman selling rubbish and asking for charity in kopitiam!!!! farking leave me alone when i m having my lunch you farkers!!!!! Cant i have a peaceful meal !!!! take all yours rubbish stuffs and fark off!!!

I bet most of us chinese would either have a friend who surnames is Wan ( Warm in canto ) or at least heard of this surname before.
When you begin to mix chinese name and english name its like disaster waiting to happen lidat . I blog once about Anita Kwok today lets take a look at this Wan family.

Wan Siu loon got 2 sons and 2 doter, his children like every other teens they gave themself an English name
1.The 1st son call himself Sarm
2.The second son call himself Noe
3. The 1st Doter call herself Annie
4. The second doter call herself Avery

One day while Wan Siu Loon & wife is outta the country Noe got into an accident, Noe 's frends managed to call Sam to inform him about it and Sarm is trying frantically to contact Annie and tell her about it. Annie college's do not allow their students to bring handphone to skool thus Sarm gotta call the college principle's office to get him to ask Annie to come to the phone. the prinsipe name is Mr. Soh lee

This is the conversation :

Sarm : Hello Mr. Principle, can i speak to Annie Wan please?
Soh Lee : Yes You could speak to me, what izzit about ?
Sarm : No! I dont wanna speak to you! I wanna speak to Annie Wan
Soh Lee : Yalah You are talking to someone lah now!
Sarm : NO! I am Sarm Wan and urgently need to talk to Annie Wan !!!
Soh Lee : I know u are someone and u want to talk to anyone! But whats this urgent matter about?
Sarm : Well just tell my sister Annie Wan that our brother, Noe Wan got into an accident. Noe Wan got injured and now Noe Wan is being sent to the hospital. Right now Avery Wan is going to the hospital to take care of him the only one who doesnt know about this is Annie Wan!
Soh Lee : Look if no one was injured and no one was sent to the hospital from the accident that isnt an urgent matter! You may find this hilarious but i dont have time for this!!!
Sarm : Nabeh! Why you so rude one!!! Who are lu ?
Soh Lee : I am Soh Lee
Sarm : Nabeh you should be sorry, your mother no teach you dont so rude one ka ? Now gimme your name!
Soh Lee :

And that concludes our lesson today on Wierd Chinese Surname Tune in same time next week for more interest chapter of Weird Chinese Surname!!!

Story leeched and adapted from bleargh.net

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  1. erm, i know what's going to happen just after seeing those english name.

    sorry to say this but, it's lame.

  2. lau tai,
    u ngin gong ngee pai kiok wor.

  3. andy : haiyah not only this one laaa all my jokes also lame wan lerr bcoz i not god knot everyday create miracle leh

    ahpek : makai heh pai kiok? mau siong korn la ... ki yiu ki gah geh opinion also one mahhh

  4. Anonymous5:55 pm

    damn, this is funnier than my version. cool! hahaha

  5. Anonymous6:21 pm

    hai...put kor tu kit hou korn geh..siau tit tit jek....hau kor mau lor heh mm heh?

  6. I come to visit u, so I boh tiau whether joke lame or not. lol

    How are you? Miss you.

  7. pai kiok or no pai kiok this joke is funny ... cheers to you Wingz

  8. Woi!
    My surname is Wan (Pronounced a cloud) in Cantonese.

    But that joke still never fails to crack me up :-)

  9. haih one day i might have to be one of those peopel selling things in kopitiam...

  10. yiu heir hakka yin ar....

  11. Anonymous11:31 am

    HAHAHAHAHA.. gawd.. good one!

    good day -

    nevaeh = )

  12. decy : tenkiuu but still its lame la lol

    eve : ngia geh hak wah hau lee hoi worrr

    helen : i m fine la ... i miss lu too! why your msn tarak online wan huh?

    S,M&S : wuahh ... u guys r the best!!! u guys kinda reminds me of sailormoon!!! Drools!

    flyz : hehe lucky the Warn I mentioned in my post is Warm lol if not sure kena diu by u WAN lol

    boss stewie : i tell u sell lottery dem good profit one! got komisen also!

    foodcrazee : heh loh!! suma heh hakka diao! lol

    nevaeh : tenkiu ... Good day!

  13. I give face first..
    not original but still ok larr...
    the Anita Kwok one was very farny oso...

    btw i noticed that you fellas are no longer 'funny wankers' but 'funny weirdo', bcos added female member isit?

  14. Anonymous7:06 am

    hau siao lang, tok in hakka pula!! me kennot speak hakka >:


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