6 April 2006

If You Putting on Some Additional Wardrobe Please Make Sure Its Secure!

Announcements : 2 things well actually 3 things
1. Rojaks Daily is gonne held a few contest pretty soon, contest details will be reveal later and all prize are sponsored by cinema.com.my remember to tune in for contest details!

2. A warm welcome to our new Rojaks Crew Crazygrr| we eagerly awaits her virgin post here in Rojaks Daily, btw we are still looking for more female bloggers who share our passion of making this world a better place thru laughters.

3. Rojaks Daily is gonna introduce a new segment at a regular basis (depends whether we all free to meet up anot la!) its call WinPeh Talk Show where we will invite certain charismatic bloggers to our show and we will chit chat with them and torture them let our readers/listeners know them more. We done our 1st recording yesterday and after we are done with the editing we will put it up. Anyone volunteer to do a logo so we can use it for the show anot ?

This is the situation, you are at the library ... sitting on the floor while reading your new found book then there is this drop dead gorgeous girl trying to reach for a book thats located on the shelf right above you, shes reaching to the book while you are still sitting on the floor .... will you look up to look at her boobs or not ? to know the answer please watch the below video!

Video Courtesy of lenglui Shiryen

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  1. haih, fake breast ke? no fun lah!

  2. how to join the group?

  3. hahahahahahahah..
    the weird thing is why was he reading that 'how to wear undergarments correctly' book??

  4. What logo? hehe. Long time no come in, just can online nia. I wanna make logo. lolz.

  5. Wuching : i think the breast is real ler only the size is fake only lol

    geo : join what group huh ?

    bull : u mean the book the guy is reading ?

    jayus : wuah long time no see ledi taikor ... u can help make logo ka ? we got a new program call WinPeh talk show so we need a logo to go witht he show lar, can help anot ?

    scb : looks more like kueh sirap bandung to me lol


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