22 April 2006

Have You Seen Her ??

Have you seen her?

Cecilia Wong Ee Leen

She is WongPK's sister who went missing after some arguements with her husband, she might be in KL according to WongPK so if any of you KL ppl saw her please give WongPK a call ok? His number is 013-571-9755.

For more infos please read this post HERE

No, there is no rewards offered other than a deed to a fellow friend and the betterment of mankind, God bless.



  1. Just post over what I commented.
    lilian Says:
    April 22nd, 2006 at 3:30 pm

    Hi (wongpk)
    I came by from Rojakz. If you don’t mind me saying, will it do good for your sis and family if the news go out on the media? The media may distort/twist things and make it look unpleasant for them to sell more papers. Sometimes, when things are settled, it can cause them long term tension. So, if I may suggest, maybe wait for a while because she may need time to cool down. I am sure she will find her way home when she is ready.

    As for your mother/grandma’s wellbeing, maybe what you can do now is to pray hard so that good people will come into the path of your sis and they will help her to make the right decision.

    Sorry if you find my ideas not agreeable, I am just thinking as a married woman and in your sister’s interest. I know you are doing your best to help the whole family. Take care! And good luck

  2. an adult go missing ? can that be ?

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