18 April 2006

Watch Your Money Grow

Have u guys send your voice greetings/messages to Siao Cha Bor yet? Many of you (including myself) may not know her personally but enjoy reading her blog like I do. Letting her know how much we care will make a positive difference to her condition and hope you guys can spare a lil bit of time to do it. :)

Now.. to the joke..

Lilian was sitting in the living room watching tv while waiting for her ATM (her husband lar..) to return from work. When her ATM was finally home, it was almost 1 am in the morning already. So she asked her husband.. "Where u went lar lou kong.. so late only come back.."
Her husband then told her that he was out getting a tattoo.

"Tattoo??!! What kinda tattoo??!!" she then asked her lou kong..

"I got a thousand dollar bill tattooed on my kkc" said Mr. ATM like damn proud lidat..

"Why the hell are you doing that??" asked Lilian

"Why would an accountant like you get a thousand dollar bill tattooed on his kkc?!! chi sin ar??"

Mr. ATM then answered..

"1st, I love to watch my money grow"
"2nd, I love to play with my money once in a while"
"3rd, I love how my money feels in my hand"
"and the most important one, instead of going out shopping most of the time, you can stay right here at home and blow a thousand bucks anytime you want!!"


  1. whargg......
    ha ha ha ha ha......
    this 1 really get me this time
    *laugh till stomach burst out*

  2. Tiu you! It is 3 am. I am recording for SCB. Sardenly, my atm betul-betul right next to me bcos he wanted to watch AC Milan lawan sama Barcelona. So, here I am. Dare not playback what I recorded for SCB or later he think I am SCB, talking to myself in the middle of the nite. And dare not LOL or else he think I sudah chisin. Nite! I hope I don't LOL in my dream.

  3. lilian this one is not me lar .... this one post by crazygrrl one kakakaka .... i told her u wont scold her wan mana tau u really scold her !!! LMAO!!! diu lar tomlo i hafta cut my kkc ledi lol

  4. wahahahaa... how come crazygirl don write this kind of joke in her own blog wan?

  5. that's a good idea, maybe i should do it too!

  6. I where got scold, I tiu means I find it funny lah. But hor, after I went to bed, I sardenly realised RM1K note is already out of circulation. So that means, it is but a piece of old, worthless meat lor.

    Must ask crazygirl to write more often lor.

  7. Anonymous2:33 pm

    I want.. I want..to get dat tottoo oso wor !!

  8. Anonymous3:27 pm

    tattoo there ah? Gila, u know how painful or not?!

  9. wondering how she would blow the 1000 bucks away....

  10. Anonymous9:46 pm

    I would like to tatoo my
    KKC Can anyone help me
    My girlfriend will be very excited

  11. pisang, haha!! glad that u like it.

    lilian, ur husband saw the post or not jek..

    wingz, cut?!! i din mention bout that ok??!!

    ah pek, that one personal blog ler..

    wuching, do ledi then tell us whether ur wife's shopping ada kurang or not.

    mmh, good leh..

    lilian, then ask atm to wash that 1k one away and replace with one which has bigger value. if USD then better. haha

    aceone118, go get go get. ur gf/wife will love it.

    simon, i dunno wor.. that one hafta ask mr.atm. lol

    foodcrazee, go ask lilian. she'll b very happy to share. kekekke

    gila kongket, go tattoo shop!!

  12. HAhahahaha this is a good one!! But, becareful Lilian fark u! (ooops she did liao!)eycfwjl

  13. Sorry, it's crazygirl who posted ar?? LOL

    Great job crazygirl! WIngz can now retire.

  14. Anonymous7:49 am

    Re KCYAP who is one of your "pang yao's".
    The real person behind the posting of daily entries in 2dayblog.com is Malaysian blogger Justin Yap. Justin’s own website is kcyap.com but he committed a wordpress design contest scam earlier this year and he is now hiding behind the 2dayblog.com website. His website kcyap.com is now redirected to 2dayblog.com. If you type “kcyap +scam” in Google or Yahoo search box, you can view pages relating to the scam committed by kcyap.


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