20 August 2006

Wingz moment

I went shopping with Wingz the other day... we walked into a pharmacy and he straight away headed to the assistant whispering......

Wingz: wei wei piao mei...
Assistant: hamik hamik..
Wingz: you got sell........ the kar cheng(backside) mia deodorant bor..
Assistant: what talking you.. plis speaking english can or not..
Wingz: neh.... the one make your bekside nice smell geh....
Assistant: eerrrr no woh...
Wingz: got geh got geh.........
Assistant: aiyah you ah!!!... no have la no have la... u find bekside geh you go gay shop hou mou

*me malu dy... fast fast go hide*

Assistant starts walking away and resuming her duty...

Wingz: wei.. but really ge woh... i owaz buy the kar cheng(backside) pang jui(fragrance) from here ge wo....
Assistant: u got find this whole shop or not?
Wingz: Not yet...
Assistant: but i work here so long i dont think we sell ge loh
Wingz: but but but........
Assistant: ok .. i tell you what, you go find the thing you looking for in this store.. and if you can find it here in my store, i will sama sama use it with you ok.. better yet.. let you apply for me ok?

*wingz face lights up with delight*

** after a while**

Wingz: wei piao meiiii... here i kam!!!!.. i found it liao.. fast fast take out your pants we use the kar cheng pang jui together!!!
Assistant: where?? where ??? show me 1st ...

*wingz hand her a bottle of deodarant*

Assistant: harr... this is a normal armpit mia deo worrrr.....
Wingz: eh.... you blind ge mou...
Assistant: what ???
Wingz: you say things mm suen sou is it now... say dy let me apply this pang jui on your bekside .. then now i found the pang jui you dun keep promise is it???
Assistant: but.... no this is a deo??

*Getting annoyed, wingz snatch the bottle of deo and read out loud*

Wingz: summore say i kenot speak engrish woh......


  1. LOL! Shireen K very farnee...

  2. Wakakakaka!!! Really happen 1 ah? Shireen ah, u shud shoot the video clip oso ma. :P

  3. LOL!! That's really funny!!

  4. adoi, kelakar betul, shireen ni.

  5. lilian: :X hehehehe....

    Kenny: for me to know for you to find out...

    crazygrrl: :X ehhhee

  6. nyonya : i kenot help it

  7. one more thing you forgot to tell the salesger ar, it's oso makes it yeesy to pangsai ar...

  8. hey..really got such thing ar?btw...i put the link regarding TiTan's location...check it out dude!

  9. mob: errrrrr........ i didnt have further question when i heard the 1st... :X

    sing: errr thanks?

  10. u shopping with winz for tat fragrance...u wana used it oso rite???lol

  11. Hahaha...Tak sangka tis time its Wingz kena..

  12. Anonymous10:21 am

    Good one, sis!


  13. mch!!! u jaga!!! i will get you back!!

  14. Anonymous12:38 pm

    wuahahaha..ahbeng kena too many times ledi now pulak wingz kena !!!

  15. Anonymous1:54 pm

    not bad wor wingz...for being blur oso got untung..got one piao mei liao...hahhaahaa..shireen..ish ish ish...

  16. Hahahaha!!! good one, Shireen.

    And it was nice hearing your sexy voice on the phone.

  17. Anonymous9:58 pm

    LOL!!! Walan eh... lucky I din read this in office today. Must be a truly priceless Wingz moment.

  18. siao eh! hahahahaah!


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