4 August 2006

Who Say Siti and Latuk K not Matching wan??!

This story is a fiction, it does not have anything to do with anyone on this planet earth either dead or alive or half dead or half alive. I made up this story to get more traffic only.

I know i m kinda slow at this but I do not have anything to write bout them .... not until yesday dats it.

Yesday I go yum cha with this bunch of frends and suddenly someone brought out the topic of Seeti and Latuk K.

Mun : Eh what you guys think of the kahwin between Seeti and Latuk K huh? U think can work out ka?
Lee : I dont think so lar .... one so young one so old ... how to work out la? They both so different you know?!
Mun : Eh wingz what you think?
Me : If you ask me ... I think they both ery matching ler! like a pair made in heaven!!
Mun : Wuah lu salah makan ubat izzit? lidat also say a pair made in heaven cis!
Lee : ya la i think this wingz blind one la! lol
Me : Diu ... tok kok no use wan! lemme show u why they so matching la! got pen and paper anot?
Mun : nah pen and paper .... I wanna see what kinda theory you can come out with.

Me : Nah you see har .... if you translate their name into canto this is what it sounds like :

Pronounced as "See Dee" in canto


Pronounced as "Latuk K" in canto

Mun : So? where you going from here?
Lee : Yala! Where got matching??!!
Me : Got la! what do you say in canto when u wanna go pangsai?
Mun : Orr see?
Me : not Orr see, got anoder one ..
Lee : I know! i know! Orr K!
Me : bingo!!
Mun : I still dont gedit ler ....
Me : MCH! can increase your IQ abit anot??!! ok ok nvm ... I draw lidis then u sure understand wan!

See Ti and Latuk K

Mun : OHHH!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! i understand liow!!!! HAHAHAHA!!! very matching!!! Memang a pair made in heaven !!!!!
Lee : MCH lu ..... u seriously fulla shit wan ... lidis also u can think of!! HAHAHAHAA!!!!

-The End-

To those who still do not gedit :

*In Canto the word "See" means shit or feces and the letter "K" is also used to represent the word shit or feces.

P.S. : Tenkiu to my taikor Bryan for supplying me with those chinese characters .... if you derno what the chinese character means pls dun ask me ok? I derno wtf they mean either! lol!



  1. Hoi, you follow sifu ah? Go put Mandarin, I oso catch no ball.

  2. Anonymous1:40 am

    One got shit in the name, another also got, so mah super matching loh. LoL...

  3. diu, like dat also u can come out with a story ar? really terrible la!

    ooi wingz!! suddenly i realize dat u didnt link me!!!!!where can?!!

  4. Anonymous6:58 am

    harr i still dun understand. sratch head. explain explain

  5. I also catch no ball la... i understand all the words but I dun understand the meaning... blur liao...

  6. me oso tadak tangkap bola!

  7. gua banana ler...duno how to read chinese...

  8. hahhaaa.. good joke..
    everybody, the joke is
    Ok ok lets see the fomulae below :-

    Latuk K=K=shit

    Got it? both match not now?!! kekekee....

  9. ah nel i'm oso banana kanot understand la and plus
    all blogger dun laft la......
    tan sli oni laft alone.....

  10. pisang : ur name oledi banana fried wad?hehe...

  11. Anonymous11:47 am

    Aiya! Biomass...the hope for the future! Next time no more petrol then u see the value of shit!!! Hey wingz...u say the two cannot "work out", how u know? The latuk not so old lah! Sure still can wan!

  12. my gosh..hahaha..wings u really "keng"..liddat u oso can think of something...=p

  13. Anonymous12:20 pm

    I prefer to call her Shitty! Wah, such a coincident again.

  14. Anonymous3:21 pm

    Me.. blur.. blur..!!

  15. What he was trying to say is both are also shit laa. One is called Shit-ty (Siti) and the other is called Na-Tuk-K (Datuk K). Na-Tuk-K = That mass of shit.

  16. haha.. the SHIT couple. must be full of SHIT.


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