17 August 2006

Ladies Beware! Crime in Progress!

I got these infos from forwarded emails, I dont know how true is this but regardless of whether this is true of false I believe we all can learn alot from these 2 emails. It always pays to be more cautious of your surroundings.

From: "Samantha Chong Kok Shinn"
Date: Fri, 11 Aug 2006 10:02:20 +0800

Dear friends,

This happened in Penang!

This happened to me yesterday ( 30 March 2006 ) and I urged all of you
to be extra careful these days.

I was on sick leave yesterday and after doctor's consultation at Klinik Union, I proceeded to Maybank (Inderawasih branch) nearby to withdraw money from the bank counter. As the amount withdrawn is quite huge, I reminded myself to be extra careful as I have read news about people being robbed just outside the bank. I clutched on tightly to my bag as I walk out of the bank towards my car. I was a bit relieved because a police van just pulled up in front of the bank while I was leaving and seeing that there are policemen around, I felt a bit safer.

I then drove to Carrefour Seberang Jaya to purchase some necessities. After completing my purchases, I took out my car key and was prepared to walk out of the Carrefour complex towards the carpark when I sensed that a man (dark complexion - could be an Indonesian) was walking very fast towards me. I immediately stopped in my tracks and pretended to look at the hair accessories stall that was just at the exit.

My suspicion was confirmed when the man suddenly turned and walked back into the complex. I continued to browse the accessories stall and I can see that the man was standing in front of the Pos Malaysia counter.

After a while when the man was no longer to be seen, I quickly walked out of the complex. I was looking all around the place, head turning left, right and back to ensure that nobody is following me. To my horror, I saw the man again. He also walks out of the complex but turned right heading towards the motorcycle park where another man was waiting for him on a motorcycle. I quickly walked in between the cars parked as I was afraid that they would just ride the motorcycle up to me and snatch my bag if I were to walk in the open.

I walked very, very fast and quickly got in my car and locked it immediately. By now, I can see the motorcycle turning towards where I was and he stopped at the corner just 2 cars away from me. I knew that something is very wrong and I was looking all over the place when I suddenly saw another man running very fast towards my car from behind. He rushed to my passenger side and pulled on my car door aggressively wanting to snatch my handbag that was placed on the passenger seat. There was nobody nearby at the moment and I know I cannot yell for help with the windows closed because nobody would be able to hear my screams.

With a quick action, Iimmediately pressed on my car honk without letting go. This startled the robber and he immediately released my car door handle and dashed towards the man waiting on the motorcycle and they speed off.

For a moment, I sat there stunned. It all happened so fast and I cannot even recall the robber's face. After gaining my composure, I started my engine and drove out of the carpark. I remembered I heard some noise when my car started to move but I dare not go down to check. I was terrified and was constantly looking into the rear mirror to see if there was anybody following me.

I reached home safely and quickly park my car inside the compound and immediately locked the gate. And you know what I found out next? The back tyre on the left side of my car was completely flat! I wonder how I had managed to drive home with such a tyre condition.

So friends, please remind your friends and loved ones to be extra, extra careful of suspicious people. I was lucky because I managed to sense that something is amiss but how many times can we be that lucky, right??

I also learnt my lesson, never ever withdraw money alone. Get someone to accompany you or best still, get a current account or just buy a banker's cheque.


Joanne Kan

Another Email

Ladies, be alert. It is happening in Penang !!


I used to receive forwarded emails regarding incidents of being 'disturbed' by a fake policeman but I don't
really believe that until i met one last saturday.

It was 8.30am when I was driving at Jln Ayer Itam. I noticed a motorbike following me closely. Of course I didnt suspect anything bcos that is the main road to town. However, at the Mobil petrol station, b4 SRJK Shang
Wu, I turned left to Tmn Lumba Kuda & he followed.

This time he was riding the motorbike on my right & took out his handcuff and kept saying "Saya polis". I ignored him. Then at the tmn lumba kuda housing area he overtook my car & stopped his motorbike infront on

I stopped & waited till he got down from his bike then I drove off again. Unfortunately, we met again at the turfclub traffic light. This time, he kept knocking at my window and asking me to co me out from my car. He also showed me a so called police ID card without photo or logo.

I'm very sure that he is not a genuine policeman. Even if he is a real one, and if I did break any traffic rules, he can just send me a summon without needing me to get down from my car.

So, I decided go drive to police station. He followed me till a few hundreds metre b4 I turned to the police station.

He is a medium size Malay guy, abt 165-170cm height. Riding Modenas Kriss 100, PGN 74.

p/s: A REAL policeman ID card is light yellow in color with Logo & the word "polis diraja malaysia " in front. At the back, there will be a passport size photo, name & matriks number.

Hope this thing wont happen again and wont happen to any of you as well.



  1. whre all the pihak berkuasa go?sigh...

  2. Anonymous3:20 pm


    Incident no.1. She already know something is not right and yet didn't lock the door once she is in there. *haiz... when only women learn to lock their door.

  3. Niamah, you give us Penang people a bad name lah, so many crimes. Must be that Bryan mya kerja kut.

  4. The stories really true, my fren kena snatch at Seb Jaya Carrefour b4, another 1 lost his car. This is not a joke!

  5. Anonymous3:11 am

    Not me lah. First, I don't wake up so early. Second, I don't ride Kriss. Third, I probably will only show handcuff on the bed. LoL...

  6. Anonymous9:28 am

    Gals (agian) never learn!

    Withdraw big amount of cash from bank and still can go shopping!

    Not asking for trouble then askung for what?


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