7 August 2006

A Chinese Ghost Festival

I think we chinese are like festival freaks ... we celebrating all kinda events and when we ran outta spesel events we pulled ghost into the pikture and then create a celebration outta it! Maybe soon we will have this Chinese dusk Festival! where we will celebrates the pure existance of dust itself!

Bek to the Hungry Ghost Festival, anyway ... i do agreed with Linpeh with his post entitled "Hungry Ghost My Foot!" Who da fark goan translated it to Hungry Ghost Festival anyway??!!! I never heard my mum call it lidat in canto before! All along shes has been using 7 Yuet 14 (means 14th days of the 7th month) only!

I been having my fair share of this Ghost festival for as long as i can remember, prolly as young as 5-6 years old. Preparation starts a few days before the actual date and the whole family would sit down after dinner and start their annual origami plektis. Everyone were required to help in folding the paper offering into the shape of a "yuen bou" (gold nugget) to be burn on the day of the festival.

The morning of the festival itself we would go to pasak and buy lotss stuffs for the prayers, this is also one of the few days in a year we would get to eat chicken (yar hard to belif but chicken used to be a luxury way back then and we dont really get to eat them as often as today) other than chicken we would also buy Siew Yoke, Tofu, Biscuit with colorful icing sugar on top, peanuts, candy, jossticks, candles and lotsa other stuffs all to be used in the prayers in that night itself.

By 5pm we would bring our cangkul to the llongkang in front of our house and start losening the soils around the longkang, this is to enable us to plant the josstick and candles easier into the soil later on tonite.

Right after dinner everyone would start bringing all the praying stuffs out, there is a belief that whatever you brought out for this ritual you CANT take it back to your house later on and so everyone make sure that we do not bring anything extras or else we would just hafta leave it by the side of the road till someone pick it up.

This went on for as long as i remembered ... but last year it was a lil bit different, last year I took some pictures and I think i took more than pictures .... i think there is something "additional" innit ....

See for urself, u be the judge ....

This year i dont think i wanna take any piikture anymore .... like the way Lil Devil say it ... "Kheng Kheng" ledi!

Happy Chinese Ghost Festival Everibodi!



  1. ah? so fast meh? hungry ghost festival already?
    when is cheng beng? no, i mean, when is lantern festival? =)

  2. aiyoh that is smoke la....
    when you snap piktures at high shutter it will be appear lor...
    plus if you turn your flash off....

  3. I think I saw 2 figures there. LOL!!

  4. it's smoke from your flash light la... u wanna see real one? i got a pic and oso video clip that captured 'something special' ler...

  5. on ur right side got bamboo tree rite?they said u cut it n make a circle whre u can fit into then go to any cemetetery and u will easy c them...

  6. Last day of the festival! May all rest in peace and better karma next time. Good Bruders, semua go n kacau Wingz for the last time n make his balls kecil!

  7. Wah...really kheng-kheng ar..Ini orang ar..Ppl ask u go pray, u go snap photo..

  8. Today is Ghost Festival and today is my birthday too!!! *Ngek Ngek Ngek*

  9. yes, take piktures! take piktures!

  10. Wah ! U finnaly posted pic of yourself ! LOL!

  11. ei? sudah hungry ghost festival ah?

  12. Anonymous10:50 am

    Dude, that's just some smoke lah.

  13. wear more tangkai charms la

  14. eeeaarrr... you gui..

  15. My mader always scold me when I was too greedy, "Lu si chit guet pwuah kui ah?" (you are a 7 moon and half ghost ah?) So, it is hungry ghost mah...

    Like that pikchure, I oso got plenty lah...

  16. Anonymous12:40 pm

    fuiyoh..so 'mang kuai' meh? I kenot see additional thing innit!!

  17. looks like many of you want to see real ghost picture... ok you can go to http://g-files.blogspot.com/

    wingz: sorry for posted url here. Hope u dun mind.

  18. Anonymous2:57 pm

    Wuah, who got see the green faced figure on top of the left arrow?

  19. Kenny G - Wuah, that pic you put on your blog, damn scary wei. Serious one ah?

    That anon's comment - Rojakz, sei lor, he sees something I did not wor. I bet you missed out that figure too. He saw a green face figure and pointed out to me. Real wan wor....kerng-kerng chor

  20. wan see ghost i oso got proceed to my blog and see
    nyonya penang sudah kena...


  21. eh wingz ah.. i tot the hungry ghost festival is on the 15th of the month?

  22. eh wingz ah... i also got experience the 'supernatural' b4.. back when I went to Khidmat Negara... hahaha..I saw ppl being possesed by ghosts le.. not 1 or 2 only.. quite a few la.. whether u think its really ghost or just plain hysteria or just plain fake its up to u to decide... but for me.. this is the most feared festival :P

  23. Anonymous9:53 pm

    Diu nia ma. You last pix hak kau sei ngor la. Home alone some more. Diu!

  24. 5xmom ~chanlilian.net~: yah... it's true 1... no joke

  25. cynthia :fast leh! ya la today is ghost festival ledi ler

    pisang : smoke?? my phone cam tarak flash one leh .... ok u can start kheng kheng now!

    crazygrrl: some ppl saw 1 figure some saw 2 ...

    kenny ng: my phone tarak flash one wor ..

    ahnel : tarak bamboo tree ler

    rub : this year Yoon 7th month ... that means got double 7th month in chinese calender ... dun be so happy yet :P

    youngbrat : curiosity mah

    titoki : now i know why u look so familiar liow!!! lol

    wuching : wuah u ghostbuster ka?

    linpeh : farkiuuuuuu

    inevitable : where u been laaaaa?

    bryan : snoke dun looks lidat la

    nyonyapenang : got wear got wear! red spender also i got wear!

    ahpek : makai guii?/

    5xmom : sure anot??!!! show lehhh

    aceone : dun worry i show u sommo

    kenny ng : wuah that one betui betui scary wan!

    anonymous : wuah lidat u also see ka??!!!

    5xmom : got anot?!!!!

    bleek : on the 14th ler not 15th, wuah when ur frend kena rasuk u got ask for 4D number anot??!!!

    zit : wuah home aloine on the 14th of 7th month ka??? eiyer ..... *cold sweat*


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