28 August 2006

Watchout Tigerwood! Here Comes Lil Devil!!!!

I figured if i start training him now, in a few years time i can enroll him into the junior golfer championship ledi ..... then give him another 5 years then can turn PRO ledi!!!! YAHOO!!! FAT DAT LAR!!!!

That time i can pencen ledi .... carry his golf clubs, follow him around touring countries and kauing luis LOL!! Wuahh!!! my dream can come true ledi!!! (lemme dream awhile can anot?)

Lil Devil praticing his putting on the mat.

Look at the ball boy! look at the ball!

Wuah!!! U see his style also know hes gifted la!!!

Which kompeni mau seponsor my son?? faster come!!! limited sponsorship available only!!!! lol!!!



  1. Fuah... not bad! Good dream leh... keep it up! Sure dream come true 1, Malaysia got hope liao... Tiger 'Devil' Wood lai liao!!!

  2. he's ur greatest investment u'll ever made!

  3. Lil Devil doesn't look pro la..Da man stading there only show his leg look like more pro (Style maciam mau cari gaduh)

    B4 u fatt dat from Lil Devil tournament, u need quite high investment (buy dat sipesial cloth, pants, [underwear duno need anot], shoe, entrance fee to golf club)

  4. yeah...future Malaysia mia tigawood...

  5. When your son has become famous, don't forget moi! ;)

  6. When your son has become famous, don't forget moi! ;)

  7. Anonymous12:02 pm

    I know you want to migrate so badly, but don't need to use your little devil to hint us mah.

    Facts : Vijay Singh.

  8. Anonymous12:26 pm

    wah....soon can drive about 300 yds with a seven iron leh!!!! Sure can retire liao!!!

  9. kenny ng : kakakaka if my dream kam true ledi i bring u go thaicock kiu kai!!! lol

    wuching : yar yar .. u wan help me invest anot ? i nid seponsor laa

    youngbrat : lil devil not yet PRO la ... need sommo a few years to train geh ... dats why nid to look for seponsors lorrr ... u want seponsor anot ar?

    ahnel : LMAO!!! TigaKayu!!! cool name!

    titoki : if u seponsor now then i surely wont forget u wan geh!! lol

    moo_t: wuah i where got say wanna migrate lerrr .... stay mareysia is the best!

    tux : mch 300 yards with 7 iron??? i cant even hit 300 yards with wood driver!

    m0tsu : kakakaka lidat also u notice ka? he new mah ... wait later he more terror only i buy him a real set of golf clubs ler

  10. Anonymous6:42 pm

    do you need a coach? My fees are negotiable wan.


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