18 August 2006

Nigerian Scam in Malaysia??!!!

Today I received this email :

From: lina binta Signed-By: yahoo.com | Mailed-By: yahoo.com
To: selset@streamyx.com
Cc: s.vijay@time.com.my, sabariah_mn@time.net.my, sahelidatta@hotmail.com, salih@iss.nl, sam02@time.net.my, samng@time.net.my, sanomat.rii@formin.fi, schmalz@bayernkurier.de
Date: Aug 18, 2006 11:10 AM

Dear Sir/Madam,
I am Mrs Lina Binta Idris, from Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. My husband had just file for dissolution of our marriage,the divorce suit is pending at court of law here in malaysia, if he succeed it means he is entitle to half of my money and property i inherited from my late father.
Right now i have($5.5Mus)fixed deposited in the Bank.I have contacted you to assist in transfering this money to your nominated foreign bank account before the court decides the divorce case.

All legal docoment to back up this transaction will be provide by my personal attorney Barr.Ahmad Salim (email >< (
barr_as@z6.com ) who will henceforth negotiate with you on the terms of this proposal. All i need from you, is your honest cooperation.

If this business proposition offends your moral values,please do accept my apology.Please contact my attorney at once to indicate
your interest.

With best regards,
Mrs Lina B. Idris.

See? What da fark is $5.5Mus anyway? they dont even know the currency we using in Malaysia and yet they calimed they are from Malaysia!!! Stupid scammers!!!!

To prevent from being victimised by these scammers, just dont be greedy .... money dont drop from the sky and if you know that you will prolly fark them no free!!!

Now anyone here free enuff to play some game with the author of the above email? send him/her an email and see if she replies anot lol!!!

MCH! Lina Binta!!! Wat farking name is that?



  1. i think the name is supposed Lina Binti Idris. (hey im first!)

    shows how greedy can uneducated ppl can be

  2. i owes delete those email...
    money so easy falling off from sky mer?

  3. thats 5.5 million US dollars wor! wingz fatt tat lor!

  4. "schmalz@bayernkurier.de"

    KNN, got German email account somemore! Jia lat!

  5. lina binta?? i think she forgot an alphabet ler...lina bintaI...

  6. midnitejo: LOL..

    aiks, she got CC other ppl aso wo..means dat money is going to share with other ppl or its a First Come First Serve basis?

  7. aiyah... i received alot this kind of email before la... really annoying. If so easy to get the money, i need to work liao lor.

  8. Anonymous5:15 pm

    If that was really Lina BINTI Idris, it would be going through the Syariah courts, not the plain brown vanilla Malaysian law court.

    I bet you $1Mus that some stupid idiots will fall for this scam & they'll soon enough appear in the Star next to Micheal Chong

  9. Eh not bad leh, MUS=Million US (Dollars)...

  10. anything with full caps or requiring my 'urgent attention' will be marked as spam and straight to my trash folder....don't even bother lor...those free ipod stuff are also nonsense... i have friends from the states who send out these pranks all the time....just to see how many ppl actually believe it and actually can fwd the mail to 10 ppl in order the recieve the free stuff.

  11. Anonymous12:26 am

    Wuahhh..i also got received this type of mails. Next time got to on the spam liao.

  12. okay, i will send an email to him/her

  13. Anonymous5:12 pm

    Ya now they use a different technique - they make friend with women from internet under pretext of marriage, then they say they want to fly to Malaysia to clear dead fathers money, and then they tell the girlfriend that the money got stuck and need to clear so sent via Western Union, after sending, there will be more event, like anti terrorist certificate, open foreign account, open local account, need to insure money - these bastards really have a lot of ideas to cheat, and they never get caught - after all these you will never hear from them anymore even if they call it is for more money, but that time you have nothing left!!! KILL THOSE BASTARDS - They cannot live in their country so they have to go around cheating

  14. Anonymous12:00 am

    I got this email from an Malaysian Attorney Ab.Halim Bin Abdullah.
    PP number H14225643 Date of Issue O5/June/2002 Putrajaya.
    he was asking my Bank account number to Transfer 5Million us Dollars to USA.
    How do i make sure he is Real.Please help.

  15. Errfaz4:47 am

    f*cking niggers coming to our country and taking our women so they can carry out their dirty deeds. screw them all, go back to your shithole stupid nigerians

  16. Anonymous10:43 pm

    It's 24 August 2011 today, and my friend at work has confided in me about a call she received from a person who claimed to be from KLIA and has a package for her, which contained 15 thousand USD. She was needed to pay an advancement of 2 thousand ringgit for 'airport tax'. I told her it's a scam.

    How can we let this go on in our country? Don't we have enough of our fears over Ah Longs? Now we have Nigerian scammers. Mind you, the person who claimed to be the DHL director was very persistant, and demanded that my friend paid up-front! Thank God that she didn't do any transaction.

    We have to get rid of this Nigerian nuisance quickly!!!


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